Deals Made: A List

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Abby Peterson
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Deals Made: A List

Postby Abby Peterson » Fri Nov 22, 2019 11:29 am

This is all getting too scattered between Principalities business and Endings business. I'm consolidating.
THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS A PROJECTS LIST. - This is just make sure we can keep track of what BEACON promises, because it can lead to whole groups working against us while an apocalypse is happening. And yes, that is the dumbest sentence I have written this morning. It's still early.

I'll adjust as people remind me, and put the likely skillsets needed (but if you think of a different plan, go for it).

The Dawnroad Travelers wanted explicit confirmed permission to travel the Principalities.
By Summer: The Moderation settlement and the Principalities people need a talker to help them live together.
By Summer: Seat on the FSH Council for Principalities

Find Exalted Steel
Find pages from The Book of Ionoc
Deliver Mail with Once and Floral (or Diplomat, find them more recruits)

Build the Black Flag a port

Help with Training (or Diplomat, find them other trainers)
Gloria Callaghan
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Re: Deals Made: A List

Postby kenneth_wright » Fri Nov 22, 2019 3:51 pm

A sect of the Tech Cult will be reaching out to us via Parley to work out a trade and non-aggression agreement for me to get parts for my Lighthouse project. I am not a diplomat, and I would need help to ensure I don't overpromise anything.
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Anna S
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Re: Deals Made: A List

Postby Anna S » Fri Nov 22, 2019 3:53 pm

We really can't just forget this shit. It has to get done.

I literally can't work on fulfilling promises Sebastien strolled in and made and left 2 beginner Diplomats and Lapis to work on while he made his stage better, or whatever, by myself anymore. I've been working on this and putting aside my own goals and aspirations because the biggest Diplomat involved decided plays were more important so I had to become the biggest Diplomat involved.

Quite frankly Beacon, y'all can do what you want because I know I and likely my band and such won't face repercussions for this going poorly because we've actually been working on it from day one, but the rest is laying at your feet. Aeon won't always be here to carry the world on our shoulders while you prance and fuck around not actually getting anything useful done.

We can't be the only ones expected to sacrifice our time just so everyone else can continue messing about with personal shit. This is bigger than any business, any group, any new invention, any petty squabble, any "in" you want with another group. This is literally showing that we can keep our promises, something so far we haven't been able to do.

Now, can I finally get some fucking help with this issue?
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Abby Peterson
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Re: Deals Made: A List

Postby Abby Peterson » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:05 am

Kaiser, you've said your piece. We've heard your piece. The work is happening. I will keep organizing. Am I missing anything from the list?
Gloria Callaghan
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Sarah Crawford
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Re: Deals Made: A List

Postby Sarah Crawford » Mon Nov 25, 2019 1:44 am

Look..I am not yelling or being sarcastic, but sincerely trying to let you know something.

Calling people out publicly before letting them know privately that you have a request or issue with them sucks butt and I don't think he is gonna respond to it well either.

Also, each time you yell about stuff as "Beacon suxx" you have gotten several people to respond to you with attention and offers of assistance, but the very next thing is back to "town suxx." (*cough* also, not including Gloria in as it least ONE non-Aeon member who has been helping and responding to you...I mean, damn)

This is becoming a morale issue and starting to get you the opposite of what you want, psychologically.

You are an awesome diplomat, even if you didn't mean to be or want to be. Maybe apply that some of that to a new method of communication and it might bear some rad fruit.
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