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Investigation: Cult of Technology

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:02 am
by Abby Peterson
Interest by Mort, Dietrich and Eugene

Question: What are the motivations of the Cult of Technology?
  • They act in small to medium groups - raiding supplies from towns and Clockworken villages
  • They took from Marguerite's memory banks
  • The Tech tefts may be related to personal augmentation, but that's certainly not the driving force
  • The "Cult" isn't really a religion, but a fixation on or drive for power
  • The things stolen may be for building of infrastructure or plans
  • We don't have to be enemies, if we want to talk tech with them. They learned the mistake of begin direct enemies with Beacon when we knocked them down last time. They'll remember that lesson when dealing with us.
  • Other possible victims of their thefts are: break-ins around the Republic, possible attempts at Med-R, recording equiipment at the Limelight, the Beta.
  • Dana mentioned other facilities in the past, like the Lighthouse, and those were likely found by the Cult as well, but there are still many things to be discovered
  • They could be interacting with or building on Tetujin technology
  • They are not in the area of Beacon any long and they won't come after us physically again after that last beating.
  • There is potentially a Supreme Leader sort of title
  • They are not stolen anything big yet but it is more than possible for them to ramp up or be working multiple projects at the same time
  • They didn't know Marguerite had come to a breakthrough and hadn't been watching her in specific - crime of opportunity

Re: Investigation: Cult of Technology

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:07 am
by Jon Sanderson
Knaves, thieves, and rapscallions all!

To bear our good man Deirtrich upon their backs as if he be a mere contrivance upon their belts!

Thou must pardon my bravado, Goodwoman, but I cannot stand for even the thought of short-lived alliance with such a coterie of miscreants, honor already long bled dry from their ropes of life!

If thou wouldst accept my suggestion, there be but two stories that lie in their future, if it be Beacon that must decide their fates:

Let them cease all hostility, all knavery, and return any captives they have in their holdings.

Or, if this be unsatisfactory, then I see only Tragedy in their future, bloodied by the blades of the Good and Righteous.

I wouldst hope my fellows in Beacon may agree - for if we may be disparate, we must at least come together when the Wicked would take our good friends!

Re: Investigation: Cult of Technology

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:10 pm
by kenneth_wright
These Cultists are useful idiots if we can direct them where we need them to go. For example, my research into Tetujin tech would be complemented by their exploration and experience with other Tetujin sites. Yes, their "knavery" must stop, but if they are driven by a desire for power or knowledge, then perhaps what they need is a focus or purpose, and a leader capable of directing them to that purpose.

Plus we may need their tech and TAC to fight off the Herald and his forces.

Re: Investigation: Cult of Technology

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 3:50 pm
by Alice Dodd
I mean, I think You guys got the right of it. Make 'em give up anyone else in their control, make sure that they know that slavery and kidnapping is capital-B Bad, and maybe offer 'em something shiny if they start gettin' on the right path, ya know?

Put a carrot on a rope, dangle that rope from a stick, the horse pulls the cart. Just a matter of steering it.

What we SHOULDN'T do, not that anyone's REALLY suggested this, is just kill 'em all, because there's plenty to unpack out of a scenario like theirs, and there's gotta be a few of 'em who may honestly want to do better. After all, just because someone does something stupid doesn't mean they're bad. They could just be... ya know, stupid.

And it goes without saying, but we can't let 'em keep fuckin' around with Clockwerken. Just ain't right.

Re: Investigation: Cult of Technology

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 4:03 pm
by Abby Peterson
Looks like Eugene got there first, which is the voice I expected to hear.

Sebastian, I just present the data, more often than not. You'll likely see my own opinions about it as footnotes or captions.

Is Diplomacy possible? That's what I found out.
You're asking my opinion on it? They rip apart the minds and bodies of sentients because they can't get it through their skulls that these are sentients (or worse, see lesser beings worthy of pillage).
Eugene: break them of that, and I'm listening. Otherwise, I'll probably break their fingers instead.

And if you walk in to play nice and just get information about this Supreme Leader, be sure that you know the path back out.

Re: Investigation: Cult of Technology

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:32 pm
by kenneth_wright
I'm almost done with my research to master Tetujin tech, but I have no real social pull or sway to get them to talk to me personally. If we could get a Parlay going with their leadership, where an intermediary could help us negotiate terms where my research and expertise is made available in exchange for changes to their modus operandi, then we can avoid having to break fingers or skulls, and I can get more information about Tetujin sites and tech.