Black Ravens aka Black Squad

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Re: Black Ravens aka Black Squad

Postby Dylan Coffey » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:20 am

Anna S wrote:
kenneth_wright wrote:Lapis, Tiger, Amelia, and I are all targets because we know too much about them, but not near enough to stop them outright.

Sorry if this answers nothing, but I'm being vague on purpose here for your protection.

So, I don't want you all taking offense to this but I'm pretty sure Tiger is the only person on that list who can protect me mainly by virtue of him being able to kick my ass.

Next time y'all let me know in advance when I'm being volunteered to pull quad duty since apparently all the bigger healers but me are on the Goo List.

Respected Warrior Kaiser,

Even my skills are not able to combat these corrupted arts. They strike at those who know too much about their nature, and particularly at those who act against their interests, as Lapis, Amelia, and Eugene did in offering aid to a 'traitor.'

Good evening,

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