How Cujo Runs His Lands

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How Cujo Runs His Lands

Postby Abby Peterson » Wed Sep 18, 2019 8:01 pm

Cross reference for who Cujo is by reading here.

This Investigation was run by Nick, Deitrich and Enduring Pine - I expect they'll correct me if I did not record their accounts accurately.

This study took place after word started that Cujo might be involved in slaving. My short version of the results? This activity is the social structuring that takes place before the story starts "Once upon a time, there was a king..." And so far, it's *not* a bad story. But it is an important one to know for the region.

  • Cujo's personal perspective has two social layers of people - himself and everyone else. He treats everyone from new arrivals to his original mercenaries equally.
  • Punishments are reasonable to the crime and not corrupt.
  • It is an authoritarian system fully and not obeying a direct Order from Cujo is a crime likely resulting in death. However, it is clear that an Orders is not the same as a wish, statement or command and are not given lightly.
  • He doesn't micromanage or frequently involve himself in others' duties; he lets them do their job and trusts in their capacity to do it competently. He knows that he is not the most skilled thinker or speaker and is open to assistance and advisement on levels he is not confident on.
  • He has a 50/50 popularity with the residents of his territory - if someone wants to leave, he wants to discuss it with them to clear any security concerns, but frequently approves it. The exception is when the request is 'en masse', like a whole town or loss of a chunk of territory.
  • He has a way of suppressing rebellious tendencies in a new territory by moving half of the town inward to a more central location and rehousing them there, having soldiers from his forces take up their number in the original town. This creates both a local security force over the area, and a perimeter guard around the edges of the territory.
  • He actually wants what is best for his people and considers them 'his people' (similar to Arcadian nobility, not possessions).
  • He held the Crafting Symposium and and supported his army to better his holdings, not for his own power, but out of a civic interest of the people's needs, as he sees them.
  • Economic structure is being handled reasonably by trades.
  • His is not a kingdom at this time, but a collection of mercenaries whose job has now become dedicated to state maintenance and being paid for it.
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Re: How Cujo Runs His Lands

Postby Bailey Jordan » Wed Sep 18, 2019 9:01 pm

as a part of this, im guarding cujo rn to protect from assassination attempts
so who knows, if smth happens and i save him, we've got some kinda leeway there

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