Droidika Surgery, or Why Eugene Needs Supervision

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Droidika Surgery, or Why Eugene Needs Supervision

Postby kenneth_wright » Mon Oct 14, 2019 8:46 pm

I'm letting everyone know about this because I have no idea what is going to happen as a result of my quest for technological knowledge.

Late in the second night, Celeste led a small group of us to help regain materials stolen by "metal spiders"; these turned out to be a group of three Droidika, each in some stage of adaptive repair. We beat down one of them, which cause the other two to drop their load in order to flee at high speeds. We regained the stolen materials, turned them over to their proper owner, and I dragged the inert and damaged droid back for salvage/disassembly. After briefly being used as a buffer for a radio signal decoding ritual, I called out that I was doing Droidika surgery, and ended up performing this Freestyle solo. Please bear in mind the Droidika was damaged from the fight, but still had adapted its external shell and tool arm to be more combat oriented, and if it had reactivated while I was elbow-deep inside it, it would have very well had been able to kill or seriously maim me. The following is the steps I took in order, as well as the results from it:

  1. Artificing: Delayed the activation of the Repair command module on the Droidica.
    • The Droidika was rendered inert as a result of deactivating the relevant portion.
  2. Weapon: Used some combat prowess to make incisions in the Droidika's thickened armor.
    • I was able to make a large enough incision to gain access to two of the major circuit boards, both of which were damaged beyond repair or even adaptation to other uses.
  3. Artificing: Pulled burned and broken shards of Droidika circuitry from the internals.
    • A glowing power source could be seen once the parts were removed, but it was out of reach of the current incision.
  4. Weapon: Used some combat prowess to widen the incision in order to access a strange area.
    • The armor peeled back enough to see a section of circuitry that looked to have been made from multiple sections from a lot of different sources, daisy-chained and welded in a maze-like structure.
    • The circuitry had obvious loops and quirks in physical circuits, and it should not have been functional to the best of my knowledge.
  5. TAC: Intentionally introduced nanite-laden blood in an attempt to run diagnostics on the strange section of circuitry.
    • Nanorobotic repair drones were drawn to the nanites, infiltrating my blood and hijacking my physiology; everything else besides me and the Droidika faded out of view and hearing.
    • There was very definitely some form of "will" pushing against my mind and soul(?) seeking repair; words floated through my mind, stuff like "inferior tech", "I am broken", "You are broken too", and so on. Eventually it felt like it and me were one, as the words became less separated and more "we", like "we are broken", "we must be repaired", etc.
    • It could sense what I had on me, and "we" pulled out some intact circuit boards and alchemistic healing items to set to work repairing "us".
  6. Trust Me, I'm A Doctor/Anatomist: Used my experience both with Droidika anatomy and with experimental surgery to provide organic assistance to do repairs and healing.
    • "We" installed one of the circuit boards to replace the damaged ones I had already removed, using my frame of vision and its on-board tools.
    • "We" also applied the healing alchemicals to my own system as the nanites in my blood were upgraded by the nanorobotic drones. This resulted in a heightened state of nano excitement that generated a lot of extra power and abilities.
    • In order to sever the connection, "we" charged up and discharged a Level 10 electrical burst into the biological component directly in contact with the central control circuit cluster; fortunately, I still had the Tachyon Ablation Matrix up, so aside from some surface damage, I was fine.
    • Knowing from last time that a Droidika with combat capabilities would attack anything attempting to block its path out, I stepped aside quickly and firmly placed myself between it and most of the rest of tavern, giving it a clear exit path.
    • The Droidika finished reassembling itself, entered Escape Mode, and left with great haste.
  7. Empowered Eso Tech: Ran personal diagnostics to see what was done to me during the process.
    • The merger of our tech resulted in my heightened power and some energy the next morning. I had a temporary boost to healing as if accelerated by Localized Time Manipulation, a temporary boost to Tech Mastery, a one-time well of energy that I could use to Ride the Gravity Wave, and improved reflexes so that I could outright dodge a physical blow once.

I now dub this Droidika "Mr. Stabby 2.0", and I want him! Mostly so that I can learn more and possibly "fix" this "inferior tech".
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Re: Droidika Surgery, or Why Eugene Needs Supervision

Postby Anna S » Mon Oct 14, 2019 9:10 pm

I'm just going to say this again man you gotta make friends by talking to people.

You don't want the kind of friends you make that try and wrestle you while you're elbow deep inside of them because that has never gone well for me.

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