The Five Endings

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The Five Endings

Postby Abby Peterson » Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:27 pm

See Pestilence from the East - Report from Krastus
See Magical Blood Disease Rots Your Insides
See Investigation: The Reeved and Lost

No real name has stuck, from "Evil of the East" to "Locusts", etc. Any names written down are just so I have something to call them in my notes, no official Lore has been discovered, past the Huntress calling them "The Old Ones".

We saw five beings in the vision; there may be more, but these are the 5 we saw.
They seem to share a link of theme; that of endings.

  • Consumption - A creature of mouths - could easily mangle a body, and when it consumed someone, the process would create bursts of teeth shrapnel into the surrounding area.
  • Violence - a figure that wore armor and carried an enormous greatsword, whose face showed great gashes of blood, muscle and bone - Their strikes had the force and speed of three at once and could mutilate with one blow
  • Void - a walking darkness, a sense of light fading - can break items it touches and those it consumes seem to come apart into a cold nothingness, it cannot be impacted by a weapon
  • Death - a humanoid figure with a great horned animal skull for a head - this figure was the Ending that was confirmed with the capacity of our speech, as it spoke to the King quietly before killing him
  • Decay - a beast covered in mushrooms and moss- its victims did not die, but continued Withering away indefinitely

We saw them as they killed the King of Kitaran and his people. It's the first time we've seen what the threat coming from the east is. Here's what we learned about that:

  • What we saw and felt was a Fragment, similar to what we have felt with the Beta, and how the town of Wyldhaven must have experienced the "mass hallucination" of the arrival of the Warband.
    We saw it because, as Duo says 'we are all the Garden', and because our interest has been focused on what was in the East, and their lives and emotions/trauma reached out as they died to answer that. The Garden connected the two pieces let us have/experience theirs.
    What we saw was live and happened almost at the same time.
  • The Reeved and the Lost are combinations of those who ran away from attacks like this, and savvy madmen who began to follow/imitate them and for reasons unknown weren't slaughtered.
  • At their distance and pace, the Endings will be here in 3-4 months (early spring).
  • The diseases we're seeing are from the Endings themselves (remember the farms and the lands becoming blighted?) as well as from the Reeves and the Lost who cultivate their own illnesses in mimicry of the Endings.
  • We cannot fight the Endings together - we might be able to win a fight against one of them individually, but it would require dividing it off from the pack.
    An Adventurer could be used to draw the attention of one of them as a method of division, but they would have to be Advanced in their skill AND have a Soldier of Fortune to watch their back and it STILL could get them killed.
  • The Crown Prince was supposed to show up with reinforcements and didn't and we don't know why or where he ended up.
  • The Weary Wanderers are spearheading the warning and preparation system in Falconspire Hollow next gather, which is why we will be joining them there.
  • There is no "weakest' - they are all equally powerful in different ways.
  • The Huntress is not holding one of those inside of her (see notes here), but she has knowledge of fighting things like them, as an ancient enemy
  • Accepting help from The Mad King would allow him to make claim on the territory of the Lake as his own, as he would have aiding in saving the land.
  • The last piece of information was that they are like locusts, drawn to population centers. They will (and have) gone where the people go. As our defenses/skills currently stand, they will destroy the Crossroads completely, leaving a diseased and empty wasteland.
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Re: The Five Endings

Postby kenneth_wright » Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:24 pm

As a note, the Table of the First People appeared among us in response to the Fragment memory, and it's powers are not fully known or understood right now, but it does react to the dire needs of our immediate community. It is possible that it could lend its power towards defeating one or more of the Elder Ones as they arrive, unlocking more powers as it does so. I would recommend someone skilled in magical artifacts and rituals to uncover the nature of the Table's enchantments to see if divesting into it would be feasible given our tightened deadline.

Also, we don't know entirely how the Huntress is going to react to the Elder Ones trouncing through her hunting grounds and killing her quarries. I'm not entirely sure if she is even lucid enough to understand what these things are. Could there be a way to either lead her to them (allowing her protector status to come out and she attack and possibly kill some of them) or get her to commune with the Table of the First People (giving us some sort of magical advantage or ally in the fight)?
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Re: The Five Endings

Postby MadsWayne » Wed Nov 13, 2019 9:12 pm

On my recent travels east i found a village that had been beset upon by... something, and showed signs of loss of life. One of those killed scrawled upon the wall the words "In Fool's Gold" in their own blood, seemingly immediately before falling.

These words mean little to me, if any of thee dost have some thought, or are familiar with the phrase beyond the obvious, please let me know? I shall be looking into this.
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Re: The Five Endings

Postby Abby Peterson » Wed Nov 13, 2019 9:16 pm

Duo brought me this and asked me to make sure you all heard it. It's not good news, but I trust his brain on shit like this, so I know it's the best news he could bring us.

There is no way that Beacon, or any force in the Crossroads, can take these things on together; they have to be separated if we want to stand any chance.
These being are extremely intelligent and won't be easily divided and once we manage to kill one of them, they'll never fall for being separated again.

We have to make a plan to separate them all out at once and then be ready for Beacon and our allies to strike. All teams attack the divided Endings at the same time.
So far, all research points to inevitable losses, so we need to walk into this with clear eyes on that.

Get to thinking and be ready to make several plans and approach the groups at this upcoming meeting. We can't do this without them.


((OOC: I don't normally go full OOC voice here, but there is an element that needs to be made crystal clear.

Per plot staff: "There is no pre-planned method of handling these beings. As such, players cam get creative in how they choose to solve the problem. This is open-ended and we're looking forward to seeing what ideas you come up with."

So...this is on us. There isn't a 'right way' that they're leading us to find, we have lots of options, but need to spend this next game mapping them, seeing how feasible they are, and getting the resources and allies needed for them.
See you there.))
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Dylan Coffey
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Re: The Five Endings

Postby Dylan Coffey » Thu Nov 14, 2019 12:57 am

Good evening,

I have dreamed strange dreams in the last month. I have seen the Void-thing in my meditations. Its existence offends me, offends my spirit, in ways I do not understand. I will find a way.

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Re: The Five Endings

Postby Abby Peterson » Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:15 am

What We Learned - After a very aggressive quorum, we don't have a full plan (because our allies have all of their own plans and we're not fools enough to consider ourselves 'in charge' of them), but we have some more facts that will help us keep more people alive at the end of all of this.

  • Moonlight Tiger's focus on Void has a strong chance of being successful, but that means we'll have to be there to back him up and finish what he's started. So We'll be on the Void battle and he's working on getting us a shot at making it vunerable in a way we can use.
  • The Huntress is going to be essential to this and we need a RESEARCHER to study communing with the table to get through to her.
  • We will not have much success with throwing one in a volcano, using Mantha's huge bomb, shoving it into a Paradox Tear, or making it fight a giant worm.
  • Tarthune, the Republic's contribution, is strong enough to destroy one Ending by himself. Any of them.
  • Falconspire Hollow can serve as a rallying point and central planning station. Their factions are certainly enough together for one Ending, but also contain many pieces that are more useful when combined with other groups.
  • The Limelight will act as a fortified garrison when used as a battlefield.
  • If Cujo Provinces engages to fight, they will leave their home territory vulnerable, but not terribly so, as they've already been designed as defensible.
  • The Ending of Consumption is the most feral and stops to consume those it has downed. To defeat it will require pure quantity of bodies against it; the bigger the army, the better the chance. Still, it will literally chew through them and there will be heavy losses before it falls.
  • The Ending of Carnage/Violence is less damaged by conventional fores and arms, as its skin is strong enough to withstand twice the power of a striking weapon without damage and its armor will withstand 5 times the power of a single strike. He will battle the forces that face him, and try to cause them to fight each other.
  • The Ending of Rot/Decay will require the most decisive action, for it has a target - the river/lake. If it reaches the water that flows through the entire Crossroads, the plague it carries will spread everywhere. It can't be allowed to reach the water. The victims that it Withers, that do not die? They get up and become walking areas of Sickness.
  • The Ending of Death/Calm is a slower fight, as once it starts the process of killing someone, it must finish it, and can be attacked while it is feeding on the victim. Most effective against it will be though who are too angry or stubborn to readily die when it begins to Calm them into accepting their death. The Weary Wanderers are a force likely to give it some trouble, as Stormy refuses to die quietly and calmly.
  • The Seekers can face an Ending and have already made plans to do so, as Invictus had the warning of his visions that this is coming - they have made sure to set up their refugees behind them, to force themselves into a last stand. (Reminder that should they perish, the prison of threats they're guarding will become a Crossroads concern - but they have decided to be in this fight, so the best we can do for them is support them to lessen the damage to them.)
  • Makerspace will be an important help with making needed arms and armor, but will need parts and labor to do so (DIPLOMAT or ADVENTURER may be needed to get them the materials)
  • Kitaran's Bailey - Prince Donovan and the armies of Sardonia and Deltorro are gathered to fight and avenge the Kingdom of Kitaran. They are physically capable, but lack the magical support needed. We have allies with strong caster groups that wish to assist, such as Vigil, the Open Palm Fellowship or the Canary's team but a DIPLOMAT will be needed to team them up into an effective combination.
  • The Blackflag are best used as getaway drivers or quick movement of everything from evacuation to troop movements and supplies but will need to be given protections against disease, given how Rot is aiming for the water - they are especially vulnerable to that Ending and must be kept safe.
  • Even facing these things at all means death. I repeat - THERE WILL BE LOSSES. Allies and good, brave people will die badly. How we choose to assist won't change that death happens, but it may change how badly and how much, and if it was in vain.

Additional things I know:
  • The Senator agreed to provide tactical skill and make some of these important plans, but likely needs a DIPLOMAT to reach out to them and let them know all that we have to work with.
  • Cujo is already taking some forces towards the outskirts of the Limelight, to strengthen Battery City's defenses.

This is Just like when we pushed against the Herald, folks. We can't just be voices at the gather, we need to back it up between it too, if we want any chance of still having a Crossroads left.
So start talking and planning about what you're doing to help.
**Adventurers - Advanced to lead off and separate them? That's Captain Dane, Celeste, Janet and who are the other two? And which Soldiers of Fortune will be guarding them because even the most Advanced will die without a guard (and it's still very dangerous). NOT advanced is still needed to help the Once and Floral Couriers or run supplies/evac

**Soldiers of Fortune/Fighters
Scorch needs any to spare with fighting and training fighters. Same with the forces around the Limelight. If you normally go fight for money between gathers, cut that shit out for this run and just go help, damnit.

Plenty of this is going to need Diplomats to organize and run (such as helping combo groups that need additional support)

Research the state of the area and different enemy/ally groups and how to best hamper or utilize them, or study the Endings themselves - but be careful on that one, studying them can be hard on the spirit (like those Reaved and Lost bastards)
We MUST have someone on The Huntress research.

Help Makerspace with getting folks equipped!

Healing help is going to be needed, especially with situations involving the Ending of decay and protecting the waterways
Okay, talk - make a plan. We get one shot at this. Make it count, and don't let the rest of the Crossroads do all the working, fighting and dying for us.
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Re: The Five Endings

Postby Sarah Crawford » Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:39 am

I'm on the Huntress. I had already dipped my toe in that pool and can keep going.
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Re: The Five Endings

Postby Anna S » Tue Nov 19, 2019 4:06 am

From Mort, who's a bit busy at the moment:

So, I've already been running in and out of Battery City. I know a few of its weak points security-wise, and am probably the best choice for rallying folx who use magic with those who don't to defend it. Does anyone have any reasons why the Open Palm Fellowship and the Canary's crew would not work together?
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Re: The Five Endings

Postby Christine Reagan » Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:01 am

Good evening,

I don't think there's anything that would keep the Open Palm Fellowship from fighting these abominations.

Enduring Pine has spoken with them in the past, he may be able to help.

In Joy,
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Re: The Five Endings

Postby MadsWayne » Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:44 am

I thank thee for thine consice summation.

The other adventurers we were able to contact were Jenny Dubh- she has fully agreed to help, as thanks for what we did for her. If I remember correctly the fifth was to be a member of the Once and Floral?

To be fair, we only truly need four adventurers, as we know where rot is going.

Is the leading away of these beasts to begin now, or do we have time? We do not know where we are leading them as of yet, as far as I am aware.
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