Pig of Profit

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Pig of Profit

Postby Abby Peterson » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:29 am

Nick looked further into the Wellspring of Prosperity Pig/War Profiteer Pig/etc - I was not a party to this investigation, so these are the secondhand notes as they were replayed to me.

  • Wellspring Pig shows intelligence and responded to being insulted in the investigation by doubling the prices.
  • The pinions collected are partially used as source materials to craft the items it sells.
  • It is not actually 'communicating' with other Wellsprings, but is able to exert an influence on their activity
  • The Pig is not available for partnerships, but is willing to hire underlings
  • The next evolution is likely to be Crisis Management Pig, as the Five Endings approach and the region suffers the effects
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