Weary Wanderers Investigation

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Sean Harley
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Weary Wanderers Investigation

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Okay so I don't know how often Sobek checks this so I'll toss my hat into the ring and he can add in anything I forgot.

We looked into how useful the Weary Wanderers would be in a fight against "The Endings" (Is that the name we're going with?) and their military capabilities in general.

Long story short:
They are giving a bunch of farmers armor and shields showing them which side is the pointy end and sending them to guard keep any eye out in the settlements they came from. They are under instructions that if shit goes bad and the ending show up there pack up your people and run, get to Falconspire Hollow. They fully expect that if bad shit happens some of them are gonna die or try to fight and are hoping a few of them will follow orders and run to make it out to act as warning. The majority of their well trained forces are in Falconspire Hollow so that is where they intend to put up resistance if need be. They are attempting to train who they can but it is a slow process and they have a LOT of recruits. They have so many recruits because they pay well. They pay well because the Falconspire Hollow council is helping fund this, though who specifically is helping and their reasons for doing so are a matter of some debate, as are the ethics of arming a bunch of civilians. If you wanna help, be good at a weapon and go train them how to use it, simple as that.
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Anna S
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Re: Weary Wanderers Investigation

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I've got more on this, I should have an update once I locate my book.
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Dylan Coffey
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Re: Weary Wanderers Investigation

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Good evening,

Unfortunately, I am already engaged with training the Sister of Lyria in a similar manner. After our next gathering, however, I am willing to act as a tutor to any these folk who show proper mentality.

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