The Nature of Pinions

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The Nature of Pinions

Postby kenneth_wright » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:32 am

Okay, a lot of this is old hat for some of us, but while I have it on my mind (thanks to Gloria who reminded me), here's some of the stuff we found out about Pinions:

  • Pinions are coins of solid material that, when used in the correct quantities and under the correct circumstances, can transmute themselves into basic materials (wood, iron, bronze, etc.) or be used to power magic and/or tech rituals.
  • Pinions are made by the Republic and seem to be used by them as a makeshift currency for paying non-Republic labor and traders in a meaningful way; thus, Pinions are most concentrated in areas immediately surrounding the Republic's borders, while areas further out will see less and less of them.
  • While Pinions have a design that looks similar to simple circuitry, Pinions are not strictly technology; they border a weird area between magic and tech. Speaking of,
  • Through a minor vision I had and mastery of Tetujin Technology, I discovered that Pinions are created using a type of pressing tool taken from an old Tetujin site while the Republic held most of the area around Beacon; this pressing machine was taken behind their current walls, and it is guarded heavily to protect against overuse, damage, or theft.
  • Medical uses for Pinions exists, but that would take additional research, a LOT of Pinions, and some volunteers (Med-R may already have this research done if you are curious enough to ask for access to their research logs). Basically, complex tissues and structures, even if made of simple or common materials, is difficult for Pinions to replicate, and pushes the absolute limits of their transmutitive capabilities.
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