Z'kul the Forbidden Eye

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Abby Peterson
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Z'kul the Forbidden Eye

Post by Abby Peterson »

For those of you who recall our time in the crystal ball, thanks to the Crimson Coterie, there was a sort of mind puzzle that was resolved as "Z'kul the Forbidden Mind".
Well, Z'kul has shown up. Apparently the new folks this gather were drawn to a ritual set up by likely some MCP Reaved and Lost as a way to allow them to interact with a 'safe' fraction of its power.

My notes

- The new people are connected to Z'kul, but more in the way that it has "noticed them".
- If Z'kul was looking at you with its full attention you'd die, so summoning a portion of its power and shaping it into an eye avatar for communication was a survival tactic
- There are different zealot groups to knowledge in The Garden, like the Tech Cultists, that would be interested in finding ways to contact Z'kul - In particular, the Reaved and Lost would go after this

Spooky's notes

- Z'kul is coming from its 'space' to our 'space'
- It is coming 1 year after Tavar fought it in the Astral (it will arrive in 1-2 gathers)
- It creates combinations of energy and obsessive/damaged knowledge
- The attacks by these things will increase with its coming arrival
- Z'kul connected to Spooky and the new people and was more powerful than Void's influence
- This is because the Endings are an Unknown and Z'kul is interested in that knowledge
- It pays attention to what we collect or find significant to study. It wants to know why we are curious about certain things.
- It ignores technology (like it can't see it), but will interfere with magic
- Bigger ley lines won't be affected, but the Wellsprings will become more random
- It is a bank of knowledge with no search engine/card catalogue
- Eugene had a vision based on this - Two balloons. One was labeled "Beacon" and it expanded until bursting. The other was labeled "Not necessarily Beacon, but it could be" and it was shifting colors and dropping random things from it like pinwheels and random symbols as a venting mechanism to keep from exploding. [Note from Gloria: I was told that the metaphor being that we use the energy to keep from exploding.]
Gloria Callaghan
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Tommy Kauffman
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Re: Z'kul the Forbidden Eye

Post by Tommy Kauffman »

Hey folks, this is something I am actively investigating. Last time I did, I had to have nick help out looking over me. I plan to finish this one next gather. It's a puzzle I just have to get an answer on.
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Sam Marshall
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Re: Z'kul the Forbidden Eye

Post by Sam Marshall »

Blessings of Neferkara be upon this paper and you, the reader.

I am Iseurei, one of the people who directly interacted with Z'kul. If possible, I could attempt to gain its attention by speaking with the entities it creates and possibly open a dialogue. I do not know if this will work, but I can attempt, if it is beneficial for us all.

Please let me know if this action is one you support.

May Neferkara allow your words to ring clear, and lead us towards a new day.

Iseurei, Neophyte of Menkaura
Tommy Kauffman
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Re: Z'kul the Forbidden Eye

Post by Tommy Kauffman »

Hey another priest!

Sorry, I'm from the city but I'm a humble wielder of the sacred words too!

In general this being is best not spoken to. Its kind almost destroyed an entire world and it evokes waves of madness. I'm nearly insane already according to most of town, so I can do this.

I am fine discussing more in person but let's just say the more left alone the better on this one.

That said knowing what it's making is extremely useful, so contact with the others and knowing about them, that information could be invaluable.
Duo - detective from the city
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