Rumors about Battery City

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Abby Peterson
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Rumors about Battery City

Post by Abby Peterson »

An interesting story reached my ears this gather about Battery City. I don't normally put something up here without all of the confirmed facts, but since it was repeated by multiple separate sources, I'll put it here for the record.

Battery City used to be a settlement called Curiosity that had gotten the attention of the Republic.
The story changes in places here - some versions said that the town stole from the Republic and the soldiers were there because of the theft. Others stated that the Republic was there trying to aid the settlement. Others listed that there was an active effort to recruit the town into joining The Republic.

Where all of them agreed was that there were Republic soldiers in Battery City and some of them survived the whole 30 years and recently returned to the north.

I was told because apparently this is big news to have these soldiers return and it's making the rounds of gossip. The part that got my attention though, was that apparently their Augments were beat to hell, but still functional.

It's all third-hand conjecture, but if that's the case, then someone in Battery City may know a lot about repairing Republic Augments, if someone was ever looking for a source of that kind of knowledge and didn't like the red tape.
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Re: Rumors about Battery City

Post by kenneth_wright »

Good to know. We'll still need to liberate the City from their oppressive technocrats, but once we do that, it'll be a free-for-all to gain that knowledge.
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Christine Reagan
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Re: Rumors about Battery City

Post by Christine Reagan »

Good afternoon,

A few nights ago Athanasia, Diogenes, Havock, Omen, and I investigated the state of Battery City in the context of a potential uprising. This builds on a lot of work M0r+ has already done with the city, for which we are grateful.

The information we uncovered is as follows. (Others may remember more, and I would appreciate addition of their information to mine.)

-Before he rose to power, Gigawatt stole Republic tech, which prompted the Republic to move to reclaim that property. Gigawatt then used that tech (among other things) to rebuff the Republic's attack. This was then spun as "I have defended the city from the Republic threat", and used to solidify his power base. (of course, no mention was made that he caused the problem that he fixed.)
-Jenny Killjoy is born of Primrose standing and married into the Killjoys, and as such is a great candidate well-poised to take over after Gigawatt is toppled. She is a very skilled diplomat, and also has Johnny Killjoy as an enforcer to keep her physically safe.
-The Union used to run things before Gigawatt, and still has plenty of surviving members. If the transfer of power can be eased in such a way as to avoid overmuch collateral damage/opportune vengeance from some of the more.....aggressive members (a man named Bob came up here), the Union will be perfectly capable of running the city.
-Turning public opinion towards enthusiasm for a regime change instead of fear of Gigawatt's punishment for rebellion will help the city have a smoother transition.
-Inroads into the city's defensive bubble are there. Infiltrators could run supplies, and diplomats could work with the remnants of the Union to assist in the power transfer.
-The city does not have enough capital for the corps to be interested in a hostile takeover in the power vacuum. This is fantastic.
-The Republic soldiers that are within the city now are referred to as Leftovers. As the people's reclamation of Battery City from Gigawatt's dictatorship is imminent, Gideon called a parley with the Republic and a local Republic officer (the same one who lost an eye a bit ago - he is recovering nicely) came to speak with us. We asked them not to aggressively blanket the city with bombings to reclaim that tech, as the citizens of Battery City are not the instigators of that theft. We informed them of the existence of the Leftovers to incentivize against mass loss of life. They informed us that they couldn't make those calls, but that they would inform the proper channels. They seemed incredibly harried and not entirely able/willing to focus in this matter - my guess is that Tarthune is a giant headache to deal with and they are exhausted.

I think that is everything, but I am certain I have forgotten something. This is no surprise, but I am very eager to set tyranny ablaze in cleansing fire, and welcome any assistance.

In Joy,
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Dylan Coffey
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Re: Rumors about Battery City

Post by Dylan Coffey »

People of Beacon:

At the request of the good sir Dietrich, I issued a Parley to Republic authorities in Falconspire Hallow with regards to the Battery City situation. The Parley was attended promptly by a Sergeant in their forces who, though he lacked the authority to formalize any agreement, reached the following arrangement:

1. I shall act as a coordinator between Battery City resistors and Republic forces, to allow the latter or act with and through the former to unseat Gigawatt without undue loss of life or property.
2. The Sergeant shall notify the Republic Task Force(s) via whatever channels he may do so of the covert strategy proposed.
3. The Sergeant shall relay our request that artillery fire not be employed against Battery City, pursuant to points 1 and 2 and the overarching goal of minimizing civilian casualties and materiel loss.

In accordance with this agreement, I will spent much of my time before the next Gather preparing appropriate channels of communication and material aid for use in supporting Battery City. It is my hope that these channels may be of use not only to Republic forces, but also to Beaconites who wish to lend support.

Those with questions regarding this matter are welcomed to contact me privately or publicly.

May the chill of the grave find your foes,
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