Laissez Faire Corporations and a Post Endings Economics

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Abby Peterson
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Laissez Faire Corporations and a Post Endings Economics

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The results of this investigation were brought to me by Athanasia following an investigation into what some groups will try to do as the dust settles after the Endings War.

- Who would the Corporations target in the Falconspire Hollow network?
The Black Ravens. There was very little resistance when they started with rebuilding after the Herald fighting was complete. Another option is Once and Flora (especially if they can protect the runners).

- Post Endings, what will the Corps do?
Land grabs. Massive land grabs. Likely to set up small outposts that could grow into factories or "company towns'.

- What will Med-R do? Are they likely to take in people as test subjects?
Not likely. Unless need arises. They're laying low.

- Will the Corps clash with Cujo?
No, they both operate on money. They'll likely make a deal rather than fight.

- Will desperate people form an army?
There's not enough people left to form a real militia.

- Will the Republic and land grabs clash?
Not really. They would do so eventually, but not specifically.

- Would anything happen to the Prince's land?
No, there are still people there.

- What can we do to hinder the Corporations'' presence in Falconspire?
Appeal to Scorch's daughter. Don't use money.

- Which of the Corps would be easiest to mess with?
Residuum. Very opportunistic and money hungry.

- Who is on top of the Corps?

- What opportunities would there be for the Principalities?
Residuum may try to sell them corpses.
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Anna S
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Re: Laissez Faire Corporations and a Post Endings Economics

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I suspect that corp operations in FSH will be....difficult....for a while, poor dears.
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