"Behind the Star's Shadow"

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"Behind the Star's Shadow"

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A being arrived late after the Void fight and I was told about this the next day. Someone correct me if I have the account wrong.

- It had long elegant fingers that made up claws and was covered in star symbols and states that it has awoken after hearing "The Screams of a Great Beast", which was confirmed to be the 5 Endings.

- It spoke about vulnerability and being afraid and decided to stop being vulnerable.

- It used to hear the commands of The Beast being given to its minions (the Endings) but the Shadow Behind The Stars has been Asleep for a long time since then.

- Blushing Swan sensed a large potential for destruction in it.

- It went through trials of emotional crucible to end its vulnerability

- It enjoyed snacks and seemed to remember meals and having mortal needs.
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