August - The List

This is for in-character discussions about the game.
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Abby Peterson
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August - The List

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Hopefully you've all seen The List. For the post with all past copies of The List - please see this information here

I put out a scrap of paper and folks write down what they need to remember to look in to. Others will know they need help. Don't take the pen.
Don't let your brain go to waste. Be sure to think of things as much as you can manage, even if you don't think of yourself as a scholar. We've got too much going on to let things come at us blind because we volunteered to be idiots.

A reminder on The List and my write-ups of them here on the forum-thing - You all have to contribute too. That's the arrangement. I type all this to keep you informed and you need to try and return the courtesy and keep me informed of the pieces I'm missing.
If it's listed below and it isn't solved and you don't need it anymore, say so.
If it is solved and I didn't help you - put the results where we can find them and cross reference the location of the results to this thread. Even if we were all there, damnit. Because sometimes we miss these little meet-ups.

Format will be Who requested it, What is being studied, and if It's Marked as done or not.
  • Diogenes - Empowered Smithing Qualities - Yes - Curious how this turned out
  • Eugene - Clockworken Vaccine - Yes - Details under this thread and if you can help, good.
  • Gloria - Vampire in Spooky's head - Yes - I wasn't in this one though, so can someone clarify more of this for me?
  • Spooky - DT Visions - Yes. I think Spooky can't see this thing right now, so we'll need to ask her what this was.
  • Spooky - Who/What caused the Paradox storm? - Yes - Details under this thread.
  • Gregori - Effigies good for ritual? - Yes - The effigies of the Endings left behind after the Paradox Storm battle were used in Gregori's ritual to keep them out of our heads.
  • Nick - Watchers of the Forest meeting - Yes - So what's this one about, Nick?
  • Gloria - What happens to the souls of the bodies the Principalities use as a labor force? - Yes - The answer is mostly a 'it doesn't interest them' but details are at over here.
  • Gloria - What's Curio up to? - Yes - She was busy committing vengeful suicide by out of control luck ritual, which we resolved with the Carnival Wheel Fight. No more Curio.
  • Nick - Fan Fic Author? - Yes - I saw something about that over here, but not a lot of details. Nick?
  • Johanna - Lightning Weapon Fragment - Yes - what were the results on this?
  • Dietrich - 5 Pillar Battle - Yes - We made it through the battle and it seems to be linked to Z'kul but is there anything else about the fight?
  • Fehime/Alese - How to Prepare for the Void Battle Tonight - Yes - Trust me. I wish we could have planned around that. I tried to find some angles to come at it and it all just hinged on Moonlight Tiger.
  • Motye - [b}Magically appearing dice in my pocket during battle[/b] - NO
  • Iseurei - Why were there vines when Willow was resurrected by Sacred Words? - NO
  • Eugene - Transcendent Creation - Forge Cosmic - NO
  • Nick - Slater Vision - Yes - I'm going to be bothering this man before long. Count on it.
  • Athanasia - Republic Laws - NO
  • Athanasia - Economic Opportunities Post-Endings - Yes - The breakdown is here, but it's something to watch for. The Corps have a strong grip on Falconspire Hollow and plenty of opportunities with people down and out right now.
  • Gloria - The Aftereffects of Rot on the ecosystem - NO
  • Athanasia - The Star's Shadow - NO
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Sean Harley
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Re: August - The List

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FanFic Author - They are just a regular person with a pension for romanticizing villains. No danger or weirdness or anything like that. The only real 'issue' that might arise is if someone they wrote about found the work and took offense/interest.

Watchers - Okay so the watchers DON'T have a Warband in a helmet or otherwise. They have a force of chaotic natural growth. The force (Named Ionoch(sp?) the Blighted) is broken into 4 pieces of armor and just has a similar naming convention which caused the confusion. The watchers have one, the Helmet. The seekers had one in a shield (who knows right now). And there are two leg piece out there. Whoever gets them all get to have the full power of the spirit at their command and get to deal with whatever that means. The spirit is not evil, it is destructive to civilization and encourages natural growth and order. This is what puts it at Odds with the Children of Hope and the mother of hope who encourages building and civilization.
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Re: August - The List

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It was a vision I had about Nikita's giant eyeball that is killing her. The details are under the other thing. About the eyeball.

Oh hey so who did an investigation on my headspace? Caaaaaaaan I get the deets on that? (I spoke to Illyana bout it but didn't hear about any additional details)
Spooky 'Mantha
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