A widening of abilities

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A widening of abilities

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Blessings of Horemptah upon this paper and you, the reader.

I wish it to be known that I recently have been blessed with the gift to call forth Horemptah's Immortal Monoliths, which is a Sacred Word that can shield a domicile from hostile intrusion. I bring this up because I know that there are some dangerous things in our possession that we need to ensure are safe. Currently, I am able to, with some meditation on the artwork of the mask that was so generously created by the one known as Thousand Painted Faces, create the Monoliths with eight degrees of strength, which will also create eight keys. I would like to pose that this ward be used to keep anything secure that you may not wish to leave in the open, or in an unlocked room.

Alternatively, if someone believes that they might be the target of sinister forces that may wish them harm in the night, I could shield their resting place. If they want this, they will require the express permission of everyone who will be sharing their room.

In addition to the previous ability, I have also gained the ability to scribe Hallowed Wards on others. While normally, this would require me to physically mark them, I believe that Tausret has granted me a small boon for this upcoming gather. Due to events beyond my control, it is required that I cover my face and not eat or rest inside the tavern. The reason for mentioning this is that I believe Tausret, in an attempt to keep people healthy, has allowed that I scribe the symbols in front of the recipients.

Thank you for your time, and may Sanakht enlighten you with his knowledge.

Neophyte of Menkaura
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