Residuum, Stardust, and Black Friday.

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Alice Dodd
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Residuum, Stardust, and Black Friday.

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So, I spoke to several of you regarding a shipment of Stardust that I learned was headed by Beacon at some point in the future.

Stardust is a highly potent and concentrated magical/chemical narcotic substance that provides an intense feeling of euphoria, and is crystalline magical energy treated chemically to become a drug. It is also extremely addictive. Aside from being used as a drug, it can also be used as a ritual component, primarily used in the creation and foundation of the Golems brought in by Quad A.

Residuum is one of the Magi City Corporations, who mainly specialize in packaged goods and shipping.

Residuum is going to be shipping a LARGE(Thousands of Pinions Worth) quantity of Stardust near Beacon, between Belbrook Farms and Miserlou Abbey.

Based on prior information, we can conclude that this shipment is going to be used to erect War Golems near or in Falconspire. Based on Spooky's insights into the future of the matter, wherein she got to see someone torn from their office with the phrase "It's Black Friday, Bitch!" We can assume that these golems are intended to be used for the defense of the corporations during Black Friday.

Black Friday is a "Holiday" (and the quotes are putting in a lot of effort there) for MCP. It is, essentially, a lawless free-for-all where everything has a price of free if you can take it, including that which belongs to other people, including lives.

If this shipment is left untampered with and unmoved, there is a significant chance that the golems will be used to protect the Corporations from a combined Cultist + Union assault during Black Friday, and then afterwards, there will be War Golems around.

As I understand it, this township as a whole, with some of the bigger names around, such as Moonlight Tiger, was able to handle two General Purpose Golems. These War Golems will be much worse. We don't want those.

And so, I am going to be organizing an attempt to destroy the Stardust, so that it cannot be used for the creation of Golems.

Full disclosure: I have every intention of attempting, if possible, to keep some amount of the Stardust for my own personal use.
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Re: Residuum, Stardust, and Black Friday.

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If it is a useful component for Artificing, I will gladly help for a cut of the materials.
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