Beta + Prince Donovan Kitaran: Why? Investigation Notes

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Beta + Prince Donovan Kitaran: Why? Investigation Notes

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Yeah, this is kind of weird. The Beta started the talks with Donovan (I'm calling these fucks by their first name cuz now there are THREE Kitaran dudes whos name end in -an/-on so sorry I gotta make this less confusing), and he is kind of overwhelmed by life right now so he didn't really say no. Right after the Endings fight it was TIME TO FIGHT with Brandon like, right then, Arcadian shit you know? Anyways Friday night the Beta offered to teleport Beacon right to Donovan to help him overthrow his brother Brandon, but the Solar Adjudicators intercepted and fucked up the teleport so we got scattered and ended up in the middle of Brandon's soldiers. This DID work, but it sucked and it wasn't exactly like it should have been but we think Donovan got where he needed to go.

Donovan doesn't really have anything to offer the Beta bc they only want tech stuff, so he probably has something that he either doesn't know what it is or can't use it that they want.

The Adjudicators were there for the Beta, they really don't care about us, or the warring Arcadians, they just hate the Beta. They CAN be talked to (you're welcome Eugene!), it's likely whatever Donovan has is also something the Beta want.

There is nothing here that has to do with the Falconspire Hollow factions, and thank fuck. I don't wanna deal with this. The Beta are allowed to move and operate in Republic territory but that is the only real connection.

We aren't really sure how to find what the Beta/Adjudicators that Donovan has. If it's Tetujin then it's probably on a leyline, but if it isn't on a leyline who knows.

We do know that Adjudicators don't care about Tech that isn't from where they are from. They don't care about TAC, Augs, etc etc so whatever Donovan has Adjudicator origins.

It's possible to bait Adjudicators but I'm not going to say how because they just....don't die or get tired so I'm not giving anyone the sword for them to fall on.

The Beta are not likely to drop helping Donovan once they get their stuff, because this seems either like it's a long haul agreement or whatever the item is happens to be just that valuable to them. The Beta are likely to fight the Adjudicators in some larger scale.

If someone sketchy or shitty was working with the Adjudicators, it would be BAD. BAD BAD. We don't really move around or anything but they some how don't really know where we live. If they figured that out and they were pissed at us (or had shit reasons to be pissed at us) we would basically just be a pile of bodies because we in fact get tired and they don't.
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Re: Beta + Prince Donovan Kitaran: Why? Investigation Notes

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If we need it, I know where the shield emitters are in the Lighthouse from when it was originally a safe haven and research space for the Tetujin, but I had to cannibalize several components from the emitters to fix up other needed systems, so it will take a currently unknown quantity of components from other sites to rebuild to functionality. That should be a last ditch effort, as the shield emitters were the most costly element of the Lighthouse energy-wise, and will cause Blight to spread in the area if activated and left on too long.
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