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Yeah okay.

So many Reeved and Lost died outside of <place> that their blood soaked into the soil itself and has made it...animate. It fights like a train, like a platoon of soldiers, like a rock rolling down a hill. It goes forward and takes over anything in it's way. It doesn't think, it just does.

There are things a healer or an alchemist can do, especially healers with specialties in the dead, to put the blood to rest and/or separate it from the dirt. I don't have the full notes so you'll have to wait on Diogenes or Velatrix for that one, but I just wanted to get some of that info out here because I was tired and all I wrote down was "spicy dirt funeral" so this is just memory before Diogenes shows up with the actual notes.
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Re: Hemasoil

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I offer my knowledge of improvisational ritual and the life-and-death purview of the Covenant to those who intend to solve this issue. In a year's time, I hope to hold mastery sufficient to perform Greater Workings of the Covenant.

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Re: Hemasoil

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I have experience sifting Reeved and Lost blood from bodies, both living and dead, so I should be able to assist in this matter.
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