Duos Research topic overview and answer

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Duos Research topic overview and answer

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While Kaiser is getting things laid out that I might rest, I wanted everyone to have notes on all my finished researches. Malia yelled at me enough that I thought this might be important, so if any of this helps anyone, thank her next time you see her. My one on death and the Garden will hopefully reach a trusted member of town next time you all gather so that all can have it. I will do a short version of all:

Research: How to defeat the Haugbui - (A very Particular kind of wraith)

Answer: To destroy a Haugbui, you must find the location of the corpse, dig it up, burn the remains, collect the ashes, and then scatter them to the wind. The last part is kind of important -- there needs to be a decently strong wind blowing, or it won’t work; you can’t just dump out the ashes on the ground!

Research: The Garden

Answer: Everything, as I stated, that is from this universe is the garden. The Garden is everything, everything that ever was or will be. It's both home and the unsettled feeling of your travelings on the road. The Garden is where worlds are made, although how this works I remain uncertain. The progenitor of existence, and the ability to experience existence in all its forms. Every blade of grass, every drop of water that crashes against the docks in the City Versus Itself, every Cosmic Power - they all began here. Not only that, but the Garden contains all of them simultaneously.

Side note 1: This is why entities that are outside of the Garden are so scary, they take place outside of what is all existence to us.

Side Note 2: This is why we are able to affect so much here. We can push the garden much easier here to be what should be. Never be discouraged Beacon. you can achieve so much.

Soul Research: How to cut out a part of your soul marked by the Siblings from Wraithwall:


Marks are indicators that an individual has been touched by the Siblings. For what foul purpose is often only understood by the Siblings alone, but it does mean that few Marked individuals live to see old age. It is more often that they become foul beasts, mere shadows of their former selves, lost entirely to the temptations and dictates of the Siblings. Removing the Mark itself most often requires divine intervention, and filling the hole missing once the darkness is removed also has certain dangers.

To remove this mark - the following options were available -

1: Appeal to the Father. This would take the help of someone actually in touch with this mysterious deity.

2: It is also possible that a healer, skilled in the arts of both mental and physical restoration could rehabilitate an individual with a missing piece of themselves

3: It is possible that there is a Cosmic Power that may have the ability to engage matters of the soul. My guess would be the Principalities at this point, but I don't know enough about their magic. Mayhaps Gideon could elucidate us.

4: A powerful being would stand-in for the missing piece, using their powers to assist until a person is rehabilitated. You think that someone would have to be willing to ‘share’ their soul for this to work, and it would have to be a being of great intensity.

5: it’s possible to have a skilled artificer delicately craft a soul.

Research - How to unbind those who are being forecbly bound again - While I hope this never happens again, someone knowing this would be great -


1: You will need to get the subject into a room and have them focus on a singular item and have a singular voice speak with them.

2: The voice needs to coerce them into opening up or blanking their mind.

3: While this is happening two transmundane arcanums need to be vaporized by an alchemical liquid known as Purified Shou Goesa Root. This must be done directly next to the patient. The advanced alchemist should also take precautions to not breathe in the mixture.

4: Begin the process of unbinding. The person speaking with them must convince them to break their own bindings.

Topic - How to stop the invisibility from the Ninjas when being attacked -

Answer - Either a large group with Sense the Unseen or a freestyle ritual to give a group this ability. The side effects of the ritual will probably involve Toxicity, bouts of Blindness and other such levels of issues.

I looked into Space Todd and that information is with Anathanasia - but in general he is from outside of the garden as a whole and SOMEONE invited him to be here. Be wary, and PLEASE research how to use him. We only have a year at the most, and his power must be used or very bad side effects will keep occurring. I cannot keep looking into him, he literally killed me last time. I'm afraid next time it will be worse.

Non-final notes on death: Some good info I have on death - the research is not complete


1) The average person (assuming they are resurrected by someone) can usually manage to come back from death anywhere from zero to two times. It’s not all that unusual for someone to be successfully restored to life once, but beyond that it starts to get very dicey. Interestingly enough, this seems to hold true no matter what method is used; if someone is restored to life via Thy Ceremony of Opening, Crisis Resuscitation Protocol doesn’t seem to have any better or worse chance of working if the person dies again, and vice versa. I suspect that this will hold true for other resurrection methods that I have yet to discover, unless those methods specifically note that they are special in some way.

1A) Exceptional people, such as most of the people living in Beacon, are substantially hardier and can usually manage to claw their way back from death more frequently. These people often have several more “return trips” in them.

1b) The Honored Dead seem to be some kind of exception to the above as well. They do not require resurrection magics to return to “life” and seem much more resistant to whatever maladies death imposes. If an Honored Dead “dies” it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll be back, and likely with few “scars” from the experience (especially if they are Prepared for the Journey). It’s a good thing that almost all of them are the heroic sort!

2) In any case, dying too much will eventually catch up with anyone, no matter how tough or resilient they seem to be when alive. Even if someone manages to return to life, all sorts of bad things can happen to them. My initial surveys seem to indicate that mental trauma is the most common problem, often manifesting in the form of paranoia, depression, or occasionally even madness. Sometimes these can be overcome; in other cases, they seem to haunt the person until the end of their natural life.

2A)Expanding on the above, old age seems to be something that no one can return from...though hypothetically there are ways around this (undeath, somehow having a new body, etc).

3) When we die, upon death the spirit (if it can be called that) of an individual breaks apart, flowing into the Garden itself, and those who are strong enough can reform themselves enough to be resurrected. It is quite common for people to have visions of various entities once they are in this “in-between” stage. The ‘beings’ they see are not a singular being known as ‘Death.’ Instead they are the conjuring of strong emotions and thoughts held by those who have died. The specifics of that seem to vary from person to person. In fact, no two experiences are completely the same. Even those who seemingly have the same experience end up describing things differently, or will have slight distinctions. It is also possible that certain incredibly powerful beings may be able to intercede in these conjurings of the minds of the dead. However this is incredibly rare.

This is the results of my Major researches while I was in beacon. I hope folks find this useful.
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