A.C.E.S. Project - Attn Crafters of most kinds!

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A.C.E.S. Project - Attn Crafters of most kinds!

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Too long didn't read:
1) I/Nick likes listening to my/himself talk A LOT.  Holy shit does I/he ever shut up?  Spoilers: No.
2) Diogenes is teaching a class on using the Crafting Bench Wellspiring, sponsored by CARE.  Free basic materials are included, come make cool shit you get to keep and have someone else foot the bill.

The long winded part:
CARE in association with DIogenes is beginning an educational initiative.  The Auxilliary Crafting Education (A.C.E.) project is designed to allow those who have any crafting ability at all to learn about the differences in crafting in this place from their worlds of origin.   Topics covered will include material ratioing, pinion usage, batches versus solo items, and use of the Crafting Bench Wellspring to achieve a week's worth of effort in a few minutes, among others.

The Auxilliary Crafting Education Students (A.C.E.S.) will each be provided with a one time 10 pinion stipend.  This stipend will be used on the crafting of materials in the Crafting Bench Wellspring.  Entry in the program only requires a log of the student's name, discipline type, and item made.  Students are permitted to make whatever they wish provided that they sign the log noting their participation in the course.  Left over pinion material will be expected to be returned at the end of the class, so it is to a student's benefit to use all materials provided completely.  Any discipline of crafting that can use generic materials is able to participate: smiths, apothecaries, artists, trapmakers, etc. (Apologies runecrafters) Recognizing that peoples tastes and abilities vary wildly there is no limitation on what may be made provided it can be made for 10 pinions or less.  Crafters may of course add in their own pinions to their stipend if they wish to make a more expensive/extensive item.  Crafters may keep the items they make and use them as they wish, they are not expected to turn these items in, only unused pinions.  Qualities count as 'items' for the purposes of this crafting provided they can be done by the Workbench.  Those wishing to participate but finding themselves on patrol duty when the class occurs may speak to Diogenes about another personal session some time after they return.  Students are expected to be respectful of the teacher's time and effort.  Show up promptly, be attentive and not disruptive.  Failure to act in this manner this will result in removal from the class and forfeiture of any unused pinions.  

Don't be a jackass and get cool free shit it's not a lot to ask.

There are currently 15 slots open, though this number will likely go up after monthly donation and investment returns are calculated.  Priority participation will be given to those newer to the garden.  Pre-existing knowledge of how to use the Workbench Wellspring does not prevent someone from taking the class, just be respectful of the teacher please.

Philosophy behind this:
As CARE has moved into it's latest tier of growth the aid it can provide has similarly grown.  The horrors of the Endings were vast and terrible and the aid that we can provide to that should be similarly vast.   This program represents the beginnings of physical and educational enrichment initiatives designed to not just help others but allow them to be better at the things that matter to them.  Should we lose sight of this going back to only subsistence and seeking to eek out only the barest survival then the Endings will have taken more from us than lives and lands.  It is imperative that we as a town, as a people, and as The Garden, strive to do better both by ourselves and by each other and to use all resources available to their fullest extent that we are able to better ourselves.  What does a Garden do?  It grows, it produces, and it blooms.  We should all work to grow and this program, to my mind, will assist with that.   I have seen time and again this particular, demure though incredibly useful Wellspring go underutilized even in the most dire of circumstances and felt this was a good place to start this change.  Well educated and well funded crafters make items for the benefit of all, even when it seems to only benefit themselves.  A poison that saves their life, saves the life of someone swinging a sword against a dangerous foe, throwing a firebomb at an enemy, inspiring insight and thought, or securing our living spaces.  The list goes on.  You might ask, is this really the time to start an initiative like this when there are so many still in need?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Read above what I just said.  This is the best time to start this initiative.   Hunger and thirst, shelter and protection are being addressed as much as they can be and will continue to be so addressed, but the mind and the soul must also be addressed and this is the beginnings of such an effort to do so.  If you feel I am perhaps spending my charitable coins in a method that is inadvisable I encourage you to start your own charitable business, and you may mind that business however you like.  
Nick D'Angelo
C.A.R.E. Founder and CEO, CPA
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