Pre-September Rules Update (9/7/17)

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Pre-September Rules Update (9/7/17)

Postby Tanner Rives » Fri Sep 08, 2017 2:48 am

We have a few small updates/clarifications for you tonight. Official Capstone rules text should be out sometime tomorrow!

*General Skills
-Locksmith and Trapsmith have been combined into the Infiltrator knack.
-The Empowered version of Field of Study now grants a +2 bonus instead of +3.
-Field of Study has been removed from Diplomacy and has been replaced with the Diplomatic Focus knack. This knack functions similarly to Field of Study, except that it does not aid with Research (preventing hextuple-specializing in Fields of Study for downright silly amounts of PP/A) and applies only to interacting with that specific group or type of target.
-The Inscrutable Knack’s cost dropped from 2 to 1. The Empowered version now allows you to spend 2 Focus to answer an Etiquette attempt with a lie.

*Combat Skills
-Triple Raid has received two minor changes/clarifications. It has been noted that it only works with Subtle weapons, and that the minimum damage on the third attack is Power Strike 2.

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