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Firearm Phys-Reps

Postby Alice Dodd » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:47 pm

As the newly-minted resident gun-smith, I wanted to ask about the firearm phys-reps, since there's a bit of an issue in terms of variety. So I'd like to use this post as:

A) A repository for acceptable phys-reps for future firearm-using players.
B) A place to ask about what is/isn't allowed.

There are very few rifle-like guns that are not clip or revolver based. Likewise, there are very few shotgun-like phys-reps that likewise aren't clip-based or revolver-based. Derringer as a quality is rather simple to get a phys-rep for, so I'm unconcerned about that.


Modulus IonFire
Han Solo Blaster
Doublestrike w/ One Barrel covered.

Rifles ... bin%3ANerf
This one looks to be a rather good rifle phys-rep. It's a front-loader that shoots two at once, though the second barrel can be covered up. It would also do fine for a Shotgun phys-rep as well.


The best shotgun-like rifle out there in terms of feeling is the Slingfire, but as that's a clip-fed gun, that's right out.

In fact, there aren't very many shotgun-like weapons out there. The best I can find is the Doublebreach, but that fires mega darts. One barrel can be covered up so that only the top dart is fired, but I'm not sure if you all had plans for mega darts at all in the future.

If staff would like to throw their specifics into the pot here to say what is and isn't legal for use, that would be quite helpful.
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Re: Firearm Phys-Reps

Postby Johanna » Sun Feb 03, 2019 11:10 pm ... B00ILD589G Sledgefire is an excellent shotgun/ rifle nerf gun, the shell normally fires 3 darts at a time but you could just only load one dart or even better you can buy single dart 3d printed shells the greatly improve the range. I could bring it to a game if staff would like to play around with one.... actually i have a huge bin of different nerf guns if there are any requests.

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