Rules Update 11/13/20

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Rules Update 11/13/20

Postby Tanner Rives » Sat Nov 14, 2020 2:33 am

**Behold the might of the Arseid school!**

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since our last update, largely due to the pandemic. As mentioned elsewhere though, we have an update that primarily focuses on crafting! There are several smaller changes as well, many of them relating to our downtime system announcements from earlier in the year which are now codified in the rules documents, though there are a few other random additions as well.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

*Multiple Chapters
-Removed references to Invention being an allowed downtime activity. If you find references to it, please mention it in feedback so that we can fix any lingering references.

*Combat Rules
-Added a note explicitly stating that bow and crossbow phys reps may only load and fire one shot at a time.

*General Skills
-Expression: Sing While We Work has been updated to reflect the downtime changes. You can Sing for one (and only one) target; this does not take an action for you or the recipient, and does not return downtime results.
-Apothecary: The Intermediate and Advanced abilities have both been rolled into Intermediate (mostly -- you’ll want to reread it). Advanced Apothecary now gives characters the ability to expend resources to produce relatively powerful effects. There is no limit to the number of times the character can use this ability, other than their ingredient stock!
-Apothecary: The Transmuter Knack specifically notes that it does not apply to Advanced Apothecary, and that the Empowered bonus applies even to Crafting outside of the Apothecary Skill.
-Diplomacy: Empowered Entrepreneur now gives a bonus to money earned from business operations in addition to its other effects.

*Crafting Explanation and Craft Lists
-If you have skills that allow you to craft items, we would recommend that you give the Crafting Explanation chapter and the Crafting List for your skill another read. Numerous small edits have been made that would be difficult to completely describe here, plus it will serve as a refresher after so many months off!
-All the Craft Lists have been edited to reflect the changes below. This is largely to note differences in Total Cost/Cost Per Action. It would be a good idea to review these if they apply to you.
-The first major change to crafting is the splitting of the old Material Ratio into Total Cost and Cost Per Action. If an item has a Total Cost, it costs that much regardless of the number of actions you have to spend to make the item. Items with Cost Per Action require that amount of materials per action you have to spend. Total Cost is typically used for “regular items” and Cost Per Action is primarily for Qualities in Smithing and Art.
-The second major change is the addition of Auxiliary Crafting. This is essentially a small pool (level x 3 in PP) of items you can craft between games without needing to spend downtime actions. Costs are still paid, and overflow does not interact with this pool at all. Apothecary, Runecrafting, and Smithing get this by default. Adventurers with Infiltrator receive it as well. Artistry is a bit unique in that it does not receive Auxiliary Crafting at all, largely because of the long-term and widely usable nature of the items it creates (note that Artistry did still receive a few minor tweaks to its craft list).

*Combat Skills
-Soldier of Fortune has been updated to reflect the downtime changes (mainly that Stand Guard does not return downtime text). The differences between Stand Guard and Mercenary Work have been clarified a bit, as they are two distinct uses of the Knack.
-Keep Your Distance (the Haste ability from Marksmanship 5) now costs only 1 Prowess instead of 2.
-Agile Defense’s level 1 defense, Sidestep, now functions against ranged attacks that deal damage equal to or less than your Agile Defense level so long as they do NOT include the Mental or Invoke Sources.
-Agile Defense’s Nimble Hands Knack now correctly refers to bucklers instead of shields.

*Conditions and Taglines
-Made a minor clarification to the Recuperating status; you can use Recuperating limbs in a similar manner to how you can use them while Stabilized. Effectively, it’s a localized Stabilized condition. Honestly, you were probably doing the new version of this anyway, so don’t worry about this too much.

*Downtime Actions, Investigations, and Freestyle Science
-Added text about the Two Project Limit. Extra Downtime Actions gained from Empowered Knacks do NOT count towards this limit, nor does Soldier of Fortune and Sing While We Work.
-Added a brief section describing Complications.

-A few Capstones have received minor edits related to the removal of general Invention. Typically, Capstones that had their Invention bonuses removed received minor buffs elsewhere.
-For the Capstones that allow Invention, the old Invention guidelines have been added to the beginning of this chapter.

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