Academics - Limitations

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Jon Sanderson
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Academics - Limitations

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Per the rules, Academics can be used to Research 'almost anything'.

Is there any example you could provide in which it would not be applicable? And would this type of situation be so rare that it is usually safe to do a Research downtime with Academics, even if another skill is more immediately applicable? (Such as inventing a new type of potion)
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Tanner Rives
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Re: Academics - Limitations

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Most of the examples that come to mind are things that are not feasible or are otherwise undesirable on an out of play level -- for example, no Skill is ever going to let you drive around the site in a car or other vehicle due to the obvious safety concerns, and some Project ideas are just not valid, regardless of what skills you possess.

Generally speaking researching something with Academics is probably going to be at least as easy as researching it with anything else (at least as far as the required PP is concerned), so all other things (PP/A) being equal, Academics is probably the better option if you have it.
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