Dragoncon, Covid-19, and September Attendance

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Rachael Cofield
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Dragoncon, Covid-19, and September Attendance

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Hello Beautiful People!

As discussed at our August event's Closing Ceremonies, we have additional requirements for those Players who seek to attend both Dragoncon 2021 and our September event.

The following apply to any Players that either attend or who have members of their household attend Dragoncon:

1) You must have visual proof of a negative Covid-19 test taken within 48 hours of our event start. Please present this to Rachael Cofield, along with your vaccination card, as soon as you arrive on site.

2) You must sleep in a separate cabin away from Players that are not a member of your household. In other words, if you live with another individual attending Dcon you may choose to stay in a cabin with them.

3) You must wear a mask at all times, including combat.

4) You must eat separately from other Players during meal times. Note that other people may choose to eat near you, but you should out of play inform them that you recently attended Dragoncon.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the above.

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Anna S
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Re: Dragoncon, Covid-19, and September Attendance

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I assume Dragoncon attendees will be not allowed to take a Tavern Shift?
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