February - The List

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Abby Peterson
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February - The List

Postby Abby Peterson » Thu Feb 27, 2020 6:04 pm

Hopefully you've all seen The List. For the post with all past copies of The List - please see this information here

I put out a scrap of paper and folks write down what they need to remember to look in to. Others will know they need help. Don't take the pen.
Don't let your brain go to waste. Be sure to think of things as much as you can manage, even if you don't think of yourself as a scholar. We've got too much going on to let things come at us blind because we volunteered to be idiots.

A reminder on The List and my write-ups of them here on the forum-thing - You all have to contribute too. That's the arrangement. I type all this to keep you informed and you need to try and return the courtesy and keep me informed of the pieces I'm missing.
If it's listed below and it isn't solved and you don't need it anymore, say so.
If it is solved and I didn't help you - put the results where we can find them and cross reference the location of the results to this thread. Even if we were all there, damnit. Because sometimes we miss these little meet-ups.

Format will be Who requested it, What is being studied, and if It's Marked as done or not.

  • Rhen - Therapy Healing Knack - NO
  • Gloria - The Endings are Speeding Up - Yes - They're beings of chaos and the contingency plans worked for last minute evacuations and getting the Kiting going suddenly, see this thread for more details.
  • Janet- Weird Otherwise/Upside down thing - NO - It's not marked off - Janet was this resolved and what is it?
  • Gregori - How the Broom Works - NO - Sister Kane explained it as needing a few charges and some sweeping? That still sound about right?
  • Gregori - Working With the Sword of St. Lucien - Yes - This was the fight against the Vampire serial killer and their spawn. Great job. Interesting saint. Given we might still need another artifact against the Wraith, did you learn anything else about this weapon?
  • Eugene - Transcendent Creation: Cosmic Forge? - NO
  • Diedrich - Transcendent Creation: Death Rune - Yes - Feel free to explain if you like, though that sounds like more an expertise item.
  • Diedrich - Exploding Magic/Elements - NO - The stuff that jumped us Friday night and was a mix of conceptuals and knowledge and raw elemental force. Yeah, we're gonna need to know more about that (I think someone said something about it being from the Utuk waking? But I'd need sources.)
  • Diogenes - Khan's Grand Sorcery connection to the Hyperion sapling - Yes. - It's checked off - how'd it go?
  • Gloria - The Limelight Cafe Tactics - Yes - You heard me tell them to you, and then the evacuation took place and they became a moot point.
  • Duo - Insectoid eating crocs - NO
  • Gloria/Nick- Sister Kane Protection Ritual - Yes - Sister Kane has a method of protecting a Visionary's mind for 1 month; it involved a lot of specialized supplies she's collected over way too long, and a skill at Artificing that none of us have, an some eerie talk about a memory that doesn't belong to us - right now it's just Gregori and I who can activate it for ourselves.
  • Spooky - Wrothac and Davish are missing? - NO
  • Ochiti- MegaCorp job offer - Yes - I'll let her tell the story if she wants, but it's not a trap
  • Tiye- Who is Sabra? - NO
  • Sir Dane- Am I being threatened by Bertram/Black Flag? - Yes - Dane's kinda busy right now with running, but I look forward to hearing this answer
  • Berenike- Political Lobbying Plan Re: Cassie and the Second Empire - Yes - Results, before Cassie gets too far south?
  • Dane- Grimoire - NO
  • Diedrich/Spooky - Huntress info dump - Yes - That went off and I heard it did well, but what are the actual details about her, please? Make a post, and put the link here.
  • Spooky- Janettes girl band - NO - I heard something about Clones?
  • Willow - Willow and Huntress blood sisters? - NO
  • Spooky- Voice in Head?? - Yes - That went by a bit fast. You picked up a voice from the vampire. How are you feeling, Mantha?
  • Tiye- Diogenes - Nature and Weakness of the Corp Golems - Yes - They are prototypes that were damaged in their targeting processing centers and went loose. I'll link the middle # and such back here, but Diedrich is willing to send back some of the pieces if a diplomat finds a sec to return them (it'll help repair relations)
  • Diogenes - Loyalties of standing up the century of legioneers - NO
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Sean Harley
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Re: February - The List

Postby Sean Harley » Thu Feb 27, 2020 8:11 pm

For the political lobbying thing, the level of oppression is going to take more than diplomacy to fix on a permanent basis. Diplomacy could make some temporary inroads for significant changes but once people found out they were being manipulated any good work would be immediately undone. Small changes could be made permanent but they would have to be considered fairly minor. I think the current plan, last I heard, was to go with the latter and restore general access to a library that was closed off after the takeover then use that to see how the situation stands, and go from there if possible.
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Bailey Jordan
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Re: February - The List

Postby Bailey Jordan » Tue Mar 03, 2020 6:23 pm

wasn't investigated, but it's a paradox tear
gotta go there to save nikita
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Gregory B
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Re: February - The List

Postby Gregory B » Thu Mar 05, 2020 8:47 pm

Diogenes - Khan's Grand Sorcery connection to the Hyperion sapling - Yes. -

The Grand Sorcery resonated with the Hyperion sapling. The sapling remains, and dormant we have not determined its location, yet.
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Re: February - The List

Postby MadsWayne » Tue Mar 10, 2020 6:04 pm

Regarding the Brotherhood of the Black Flag- I am not being directly threatened, but it may escalate to such in the future. the Brotherhood takes sailors such as myself on the lake into their number as a way of regulating and to make sure that nobody is working against the others, primarily.

If I were to join them, I would be allowed to do as I wish unbothered, however if the Leader of this group calls an all hands towards a particular cause, we would be forced to join in on their side.

We do not presently know the identity of this Pirate King, or what would constitute an all hands.

I am considering it.

We did research the grimoire, just minutes prior to when I was indisposed by Corruption.

King Valentine goes over the way that he locked the mad king away previously, he was an extremely skilled soothsayer of the Mystic Arts, and we will need an academic to spend some time looking into the book to see what can be done to find a new way to seal him for good.
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