A Pair of letters

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A Pair of letters

Postby Sean Harley » Mon Jul 27, 2020 6:24 pm

These letters arrived recently addressed to town. I thought people might want to know:

Citizens of Beacon,

Your township is a matter of intense debate in Psion City. Our listeners, here at Just the Facts: Colonial News, write in about you frequently and have many questions. Oftentimes these are questions we cannot answer.

I plan to write a scintillating expose on Beacon and its role in the region. Journalistic integrity is important here at JtF and as such I intend to journey to the Crossroads sector in search of the truth. I am interested in interviewing several members of your township. These interviews will be recorded and played back at home during our special segment section of JtF.

I know it is a tumultuous time for all of you, but should you live through the coming months I would love to make plans to speak with you.

Best Wishes,

Auren Lavosi
Senior Journalist, Republic Radio News
Bringing the Facts Home


To all who call the Crossroads their home,

We have been asked to assist once again to give more support to your region. We have evacuated a large population of refugees to a safe location to the west.

I send this letter in mass to you not as a threat but as an explanation of what is going to occur. I have signed orders to begin unrestricted Anti Seed Task Force operations. This means that starting immediately we will begin operations to capture those with connections to S.E.E.D. They will be arrested and tried under the due processes of our laws if they are or were citizens of the Republic. If they are not citizens then we will be working with local governments to ensure they get a fair trial in some fashion, but they will not escape justice for their crimes.

This news is not going to make us many friends in the Crossroads, but my hand has been forced. The bombings and the escape of dangerous raider criminals. S.E.E.D. undermines our nation at every turn. Our soldiers fight with you to defend their homes just as you defend your own, and in saying that I do respect that this is your home. If you have a better plan of action for your region I will hear it out, but S.E.E.D. will be brought to justice.

Commander Payne Ebonheart Of the Colonial Military Core
Nick D'Angelo
C.A.R.E. Founder and CEO, CPA

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