Greetings from the Principalities

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Greetings from the Principalities

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To the people of Beacon:

I met some number of you at your most recent Gather, but for those I have not yet made acquaintance with, please allow me to offer a formal introduction: I am Lord High Magister Gideon Olo'sin, Third Son of the House of Shadows, and Senator-Arcanis of the Principality of Olo'me. 'Gideon' will of course suffice for any who do not swear their fealty to the Principalities or to myself personally, though I imagine the latter is rather unlikely given my novel arrival.

I have come to Beacon for three reasons:

1. To offer my heartfelt and personal thanks for your slaying of the traitorous Herald of Raja.
2. To experience this unique and exciting land for myself.
3. To aid in rehabilitating the attitudes of Crossroads residents with regards to the Principalities.

As I continue to enjoy your hospitality, I shall offer my services as an Academic, Artificer, Diplomat, and wielder of the Covenant of the Nameless God to the best of my ability, as I believe several of your number can already attest.

If you have need of me for any reason, including mere curiosity about myself or my homeland, please do not hesitate.

May you evade Death's grasp for now,

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Re: Greetings from the Principalities

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Oh yeah I was gonna show you my dossier on the Principalities, how much of this stuff is legit? Ignore the spells part, I know that answer now. ... uuCrY/edit
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