Wyldhaven, Battery City, and the Republic: A History

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Wyldhaven, Battery City, and the Republic: A History

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So I put some effort into repairing relations with the Republic and the Outide world, a relationship fractured by the efforts of Wyldhaven and Battery City. Some points of note:

*The Republic Colony, and its Psion City capital, has been around for thirty years.

*Within this time period they have fought multiple campaigns, primarily with insectoid clans far to the north.
However, on two occasions they have been damaged by external forces.

*The first involved Battery City, wherein Dobson stole Republic technological findings and effectively kidnapped an entire group of soldiers sent to reclaim those materials. Whether he did so intentionally or maliciously did not change the Republic's stance. They had never truly intended to engage directly with Civilians and considered the city a lost cause until it reappeared. The Curiosity debacle influenced Republic policy by making them less likely to resort to long-term military engagements. Instead when dealing with external forces they became less inclined to engage in blockade tactics and would lean more into direct and quick action if diplomacy failed. This meant that the policy toward outsiders became more to deal with people as welcome members of a cosmopolitan society. This is also where you see the rise of civilian contractors and increases in Republic citizens.

*The second policy shift involved the people of Wyldhaven. While performing [redacted] operations, Team Argo, one of the formerly-operational military squads, discovered a group of newcomers to the Garden. These people were welcomed and relocated to a location in the south of the colony, subsequently renamed Wyldhaven. Over the course of two years these people colluded with SEED ‘terrorists’ and acted against the governmental body of Psion City, known as the Colonial Authority. The result was a mass explosion that destroyed city hall and its surrounding.

*Although there were almost no civilian casualties only one member of the CA survived (and this was only through the off-handed efforts of the Honored Dead Khem, who at the time recommended that said CA member go to a nearby game of Conquest. Whether he knew of the imminent attack is still unconfirmed). However, due to the machinations of those in Wyldhaven there was internal unrest and an increase in xenophobic policy.

*It seems that the Republic has yet again begun a shift in policy. They presently view the Crossroads as fiercely independent as well as prone to warlordism and chaos. Commander Ebonheart himself is perceived as viewing the area as particularly backwards, though that may be mere rumor. They are handling Battery City with respect and kindness and seem to be doing their best to deal with the people there on their own terms.

That brings us to the present.

It appears that a small contingent of people from Battery City have decided to leave their homes and seek work in the surrounding Crossroads. The Republic is currently providing them with care packages and resources to relocate. Jenny and Mort have been leading discussions with General Ebonheart and they are going well. Evidently those persons who chose to remain in Battery City, including a group of Killjoys, have been offered immediate Republic citizenship. Unfortunately most people have nowhere to go due to fears over Z’kul. This means that Falconspire is yet again in great need of temporary housing.

Looking at things as they stand assurances that Dobson will never again come to power has gone a long way to healing some of the damage but things will never be full healed while SEED is still an issue.
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Re: Wyldhaven, Battery City, and the Republic: A History

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Yeah, I went to Curiosity to try and get their lower levels hooked back up to power to help with recovery efforts and now I'm filling out paperwork with Republic bureaucrats just to gain access.
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