Summary: Skill Stolen, the Entity, and the Transcendent Union

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Summary: Skill Stolen, the Entity, and the Transcendent Union

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Good evening, Beacon.

I write now to summarize the information gathered with regards to our mutually-unpleasant interactions with the representatives of the Transcendent Union (Mindseye, Lazerface, and Vexus) after our battle to awaken Xenophon on Saturday evening.

Each of us has in essence been 'marked' in a way that will allow the Union to steal away a particular talent of ours at a time of their choosing. They will do so to all of us at once, and can only do so once. Once stolen, they can temporarily reallocate these abilities to others. They plan to raise a massive amount of funding in the form of cold, hard Pinions by giving these temporarily stolen abilities to the highest bidder(s). Best estimates for the duration of the theft stand at 'around an hour.'

Fortunately, we have found a strategy to counteract this. Blushing Swan has issued a challenge to a sorcerer's duel by way of Parley, and it has been accepted, scheduled for two gathers from now. With proper provocation, we will be able to manipulate them into expending this valuable edge on a relatively unimportant conflict, rather than during a more climactic one.

Beyond this, we determined some general tactics for weakening the Entity. Namely, we should aim to drain its power by making use of it when undertaking between-gather projects that pertain to gaining knowledge and/or magical power. However, this will be painful and potentially deadly, and should not be employed in any situation where deeper understanding of that knowledge is required, nor in which extensive reasoning and logic must be applied. Do so at your own risk, but be aware of the option and its benefits both for you and for the collective.

Finally, we determined other tactics for minimizing the damage the Entity will do on the region. Specifically, we need warriors to guard Corporate caravans from the Union as they construct their weapons, and we need Artificers to contribute their expertise to developing more robust safety protocols for these weapons in order to minimize collateral damage.

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