Duo's Notes: The Metaphysics of the Garden

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Alice Dodd
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Duo's Notes: The Metaphysics of the Garden

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Okay, so. For those who don't know, there was a member of town named Duo who left us some time ago. He went to Falconspire Hollow. He's still around, you can go talk to him, everything. He did some real deep investigations into the nature of The Garden as a whole, and while his answers were usually worded in a weird, abstract way, often saying stuff like "We are all the Garden", and they were right, that's not actually all that useful. So here's the gist of it, based on my conversations with the man. I'm putting this all in Layman's terms.

If you don't like to read, there is a summary below this that is less nuanced and more metaphorical.

There are two common refrains that are used when describing the Garden.

1. We are all the Garden.
-What this means is that all worlds* and all beings* stem from the Garden itself.
2. We are the Garden experiencing itself.
-The Garden does not have a presence, but as we stem from the Garden, we experience what it provides firsthand.

The Garden is where all worlds come from. They grow out of The Garden, hence the name. It's not necessarily a sentient entity, but it is a presence and place all in one. When we, as individuals who inhabit the Garden, interact with concepts, places, spaces, groups, time, et cetera, to a high enough degree, the Garden itself begins to grow in that direction. Then, when enough attention and experience and existence has been put into these concepts and this direction is cultivated, a World is created. And when that World is created, its link to the Garden allows it to then have a pull of its own. Hence the arrival of newcomers from that World to the Garden itself.

You can see this in examples of deities. The Lady, for example, likely exists because at some point, someone in The Garden, or some group, were enthused about and interacted with the concept of Luck. The potential energy of the Garden was used in an unconscious fashion to form, based on these individuals' experiences, the City Versus Itself, which took on a life of its own, and that energy infused into it likely became The Lady. The tree of Hyperion, the Ennead, and most deific beings likely came from similar situations.

Eventually, as things grow, things must also fall. The energy of the Garden does not sustain these worlds forever. You will start to see a waning in the Golden Lotus Province's influence, and we likely will see very few, if any, new Unbound appear. This is because the Golden Lotus Provinces are undergoing that transition into a... let's say standalone existence. They are not gone in the sense that they no longer exist, but they are no longer sustained by The Garden, and are thus outside of its influence. The tie has more or less been strained to the point of nonexistence.

Now. That's the long version. My less nuanced summary is below.

The Garden is dirt and nutrients and plants. Flowers grow from the Garden. The flowers are sustained by the Garden, and in turn help nourish the Garden by their dropping of petals, the arrival of new creatures, and the like. Eventually, flowers either die naturally, or are plucked, or are replanted elsewhere.

The Garden is where we live now, the dirt.
Our worlds are the flowers and trees that grow.
We are the petals and leaves and fruit that fall to the ground.

If anyone who's spoken to Duo has information that contradicts this, I will amend it provided that the information is not a mistake.

*Addendum: Utuk and its kind are EXPLICITLY not of the Garden, even if they've had an influence on Magi City Prime. They are anomalous, but that does not mean that life outside of the Garden and its sphere doesn't exist.
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Re: Duo's Notes: The Metaphysics of the Garden

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Would you kindly provide a transcription of the full, original notes?

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Re: Duo's Notes: The Metaphysics of the Garden

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Hi Beacon,

Dominus Kaiser has not left their room in two days. Redstreak is trying to hold it together but they reek of alcohol. And Duo won't stop mumbling over and over that he thinks his notes will help you deal with your loss.

Anyway I have transcribed his notes on the Garden and on Death, in full, for your use. I cannot stay, as I must get back to Duo, but I hope this helps.

My Condolences,

Click this link for Duo's precise notes.
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