Rules Update (Part 1)

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Rules Update (Part 1)

Postby Tanner Rives » Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:57 am

The first part of our rules update is live! As you can probably tell this is largely a bunch of tweaks and adjustments for the purposes of clarification and to boost things that may have been a little on the weak side.

The second part of the update will include Capstones and Appendix 1 and 2, and should be released sometime by Sunday.

-Tactical Advisor: This feat has been removed, as you cannot investigate upcoming modules/adventures.
-Specifically noted that Gunslinger’s +1 bonus does *not* apply to Static attacks.

*General Skills
-(Adventuring): Infiltrator’s “trap dodge” effect now generates up to two Dodges against the effects of a single trap. This is relevant because of the changes to the way many traps function (see below). Most common traps now have the “Double” supercall associated with them, but it’s possible that some might be Triple effects that you can only partially escape from with this ability.
-(Adventuring): Treasure Hunter’s “quick search” ability reduces the time to 10 seconds, to bring it in line with many other effects in our system.
-(Apothecary): Lesser Healing Elixirs have been added to Pharmacist’s free pool of healing items.
-(Diplomacy): Inscrutable gives you a 1/rest Mental Resist, in addition to its other effects.
-(Smithing): Field Repair has been removed as a Knack, but you can now repair weapons quickly with Intermediate Smithing.
-(Smithing): The Rapid Refit Knack has been added to increase the ability of Smiths to self-repair their armor.
-(Smithing): The Armorsmith Knack’s armor repair bonus has decreased to +1, but it now allows you to make a number of small repairs over the course of a battle that don’t cost Focus. The value of these repairs depends on your Smithing level and they can be applied once per target per Rest. Multiple Smiths can hand out these repairs to the same person; the limit is on the Smith, not the target.

*Expression Techniques
-Rabble Rouser can now be used when at 0 Focus if you have Advanced Expression, though it must be used in its unmodified state in this case (ie, if you have special mechanics related to Rabble Rouser, they don’t apply if you are at 0 Focus).
-Warmaker’s Rede simply restores 1 Prowess, regardless of how many times you use it during a battle.
-Strain of Freedom more clearly states that you must choose between Bind, Shackle, or Slow; it doesn’t grant all three resists at once.
-Food for Thought explicitly cannot be performed once an Investigation has started.

*Locks/Traps Craft List
-Removed all mentions of “radius effect” traps. These traps mostly now affect the triggering character with the Double supercall. One has a soft speaking volume voice effect. Note that in some marshaled situations you may encounter a wide variety of very weird traps with very unusual effects!
-Deliberately triggering a trap will make that trap’s effects True for the triggering person (though not for any others that may be affected).
-The Amplified Quality has changed a bit; it turns single-shot traps into Double and Double traps into Triple ones.
-Explosion Traps cannot be made Continuous.
-Smoke Bombs require that you use them for the purposes of escape/avoiding danger; you can’t use them to (for example) Relocate directly behind someone to attack them.

*Smithing Craft List
-Extended has been added as a Quality, allowing 3 (6 if Heavy) inches of additional length on a phys rep.
-Rapier has been added as a Quality, allowing a Bladed weapon to count as Subtle if certain conditions are met by the wielder.

*Combat Skills
-(All): Changed the description of Soldier of Fortune to try and clear up any misunderstandings with it. There’s strictly speaking no real mechanical changes to it, though.
-(Armored Defense): Shield Mastery now allows you to Parry attacks up to twice your Armored Defense level in damage, though the ability to Resist Disarm/Break/Destroy attacks has been limited.
-(Bladed): The Empowered version of Deprive the Blade now simply makes Bladed weapons you wield immune to Disarming attacks.
-(Bladed): Empowered Siegebreaker allows you to also convert your Swordmaster Power Strike into a Shield Pierce of the same value.
-(Crushing): Unbreakable Armaments now has more synergy with Heavy weapons that could already Resist Break attacks for 1 Prowess.
-(Crushing): Empowered Sunder allows you to also retry the Shield Break if it is negated with a tagline.
-(Crushing): Seething Fury specifies that you must be targeted by a special *weapon* maneuver to generate its effects.
-(Crushing): Added the Sorcerer’s Bane Knack.
-(Hafted): Both the regular and Empowered version of High Ground have been reduced in power somewhat.
-(Hafted): The Hoplite knack has been added.
-(Marksmanship): You can now move up to three steps before taking Bow Mastery’s free bonus shot.
-(Marksmanship): Pinning Shot’s Power Strike bonus against Bound targets is gone; however, the Knack now allows you to fire Steady/Deadly Aim shots against Bound targets without needing to take any “aiming” time.

*Fortune’s Moxie
-Long as You Have Your Health: The bonus activations you get from this spell if you are Blessed don’t prevent the spell from ending immediately if you use it to Purge Sickness/Wither.

*Conditions and Taglines
-The Disarm tagline allows the target to hold the item behind their back for three seconds in the event that they fear their phys rep will be lost or damaged if they drop it. This option should only be used in cases where there is a real concern of those things happening.
-Haste now notes that you cannot make attacks of any sort while Hasting, unless you have an ability that specifically says that you can.
-Altered the fluff text of Melancholy slightly (no mechanical changes).
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