Rules Update (Part 2)

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Rules Update (Part 2)

Postby Tanner Rives » Mon Jan 06, 2020 3:21 am

The second half of the update is live! We’ve updated Capstones, Appendix 1, and Appendix 2.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

-Legendary Scoundrel: Minor edits due to the Infiltrator Trap Dodge changes.
-Arcane Technique: This secondary ability grants only one extra Virtuoso slot, not two, due to the changes to Expression a while back.
-Iron Bulwark: Removed a long-outdated reference to Unarmored Defense from Iron Bulwark, as Iron Bulwark is only for Armored Defense.
-Angel of Mercy: Clarified that Angels of Mercy gain a bonus when restoring Vitality to others, not when receiving Vitality themselves.
-Steel Grip: This Second Combat Capstone ability allows two Resists per Rest instead of one.
-Unbreakable Guard: Ditto.
-Ceaseless March: Added as a Secondary option for Armored Defense and Crushing.
-Magebane: Added as a Secondary option for all Combat Skill capstones.
-Quick Escape: Added a Secondary option for most Combat Skill capstones.
-Warrior-Scholar has been removed as an option for Combat Skill capstones.
-The Professor Capstone now has an option of the Professor and recipient having a five minute discussion to generate a Breakthrough item; an investigation is not required (but you can still generate one then, if you wish).
-Several extremely minor changes were made (ie, fixing typos, etc) which have essentially no mechanical effect.

*Appendix 1
-Made 36 PP the ceiling for the size of Project that Retainers can attempt. They explicitly cannot run businesses, grow businesses, or increase Group tiers (in addition to not being able to Invent things, which was already specified).
-Clarified that while Group is the mechanical term, many Groups actually refer to themselves by other names, often depending on the homeworld of the leader (Gang, Crew, Cabal, Band etc).
-Clarified that each Tier of a Group or Business’s growth is considered a separate Project.
-The Group Leader is the only person that can grow the Group’s tier unless you have an ability that states otherwise.
-Added some rough examples of what business Tiers represent.

*Appendix 2
-Added a Currency section.
-Added a “Local Groups” section with some entries.
-Added a “Locations of Interest” section with some entries.
-Added a link to a map of the Crossroads.

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