Lenny and Crisis Resuscitation Protocol

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Lenny and Crisis Resuscitation Protocol

Postby Abby Peterson » Fri Feb 28, 2020 4:00 am

Lenny Jones was originally from the City (CvI) and most recently of Falconspire Hollow.
He was attacked and killed, possibly by Reaved and Lost committing murders in town.
His soul found a TAC user, who took pity on him when he probably shouldn't have, as the user was at Paradox 4 when he activated Crisis Resuscitation Protocol.
What became of the TAC user is completely unknown. Lenny doesn't know.
Lenny woke up in a trunk at a roadside theatre, which was empty and began walking.
An individual skilled in TAC or Artificing or Academics can study how to remove the soul from the doll and put it back into 'himself'.
Research is needed to figure out how to do that, though. His stuffing will act as DNA for a TAC ressurection.
The puppet/doll can be 'killed' by decapitation or disassembly until it can no longer move under it's own power, but Lenny will be aware of himself coming apart and it will be extremely traumatizing; long term mental trauma.
The current puppet form is causing him the effects of memory and mental facilities loss and existential crisis, as he has an addictive personality and can no longer feel anything, eat or drink anything, and has no need to sleep or breathe.
Lenny is currently a magical item, but not an artifact.
He's currently staying with Nick because CARE is a good place for him - anywhere where he's not treated like a doll or puppet, but a person, will help him keep himself for longer.
We should not attempt to resurrect him while he is still a 'non-dead' puppet.
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