The Colonial Authority

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Scott Kuban
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The Colonial Authority

Postby Scott Kuban » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:56 pm

So, I've always been shit at paperwork. But there's some stuff folks should know to be able to act appropriately.

As best as can be told the Colonial Authority, which is the governing body for the Republic here in the Garden, is dirty to the core. While I'm sure the list of their crimes is vast, the biggest issue boils down to this 'Element 406' whatsit we've been hearing about.

Mostly through our favorite pain-in-the-ass Ebonheart, they've been harvesting and mucking about with this crap for their own profit. The problem is that it's dangerous as fuck. It explodes if someone sneezes on it, it has weird unpredictable effects, and it screws with reality. A few examples: the big explosion that brought us all here was a result of them screwing around with this crap. Also that little interlude with the meteor storm and the demon-fucks? Same deal.

So the Authority knows about all this shit, and they don't care. Ebonheart SHOULD know about it, but he's too up his own ass to connect the dots. Whatever they are getting out of it is enough for them to A) keep at it despite the extreme negative consequences and B) Steal, Kill and generally fuck over any one and any thing to cover it up.

Long story short, these bastards have to go.

THAT BEING SAID. We can't go all half cocked about this. If we just blow them up like these SEED guys want, it'll cause a lot of collateral damage. I'm talking about civil war, break down of infrastructure, etc. A lot of innocent people dead, including kids.

To put a point on it, I'm going to be putting a lot of work into taking these bastards down, but doing it in a way that keeps the collateral damage at as close to a minimum. What I ask of anyone working towards similar goals is to keep in touch with me so we can coordinate efforts and not turn this situation into a fucking bloodbath.

Woodruff Anderson
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Re: The Colonial Authority

Postby Woodruff Anderson » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:16 pm

Matters such as these are foreign to me, and as such I ask your forgiveness, Mr. Bishop and everyone else, if my suggestions are naive, but I try to liken these things to situations with which I am familiar, from my life among the People of my tribe.

This element 406 -- why is it not like any other precious commodity; control it and you control the outcome of the conflict? We can minimize damage -- indeed, negate it entirely -- if we simply find a large enough source of the element, and declare it as our own. Yes, it comes with great risk. What would prevent the Colonial Authority from simply trampling us to death to obtain it? I do not believe they would risk wiping us off the map. If the reporters of this paper, and the other commanders with whom we are friendly are to be believed, we are quite the sensation. They could not afford the consequence of eliminating us.

Is there any reason we cannot harvest it ourselves? If there is, we can still locate a source and claim it as our own. That will force them to negotiate with us, at least.

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