In need of a quest

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In need of a quest

Postby Christine Reagan » Fri Sep 22, 2017 7:22 pm

Good comrades, I find myself cast adrift. While personable, I be not a professional charmer, and whilst mine own opinion of mine abilities be high, know I full well there be others far more adept in other rights of literacy or lore.
I have but one calling, that of the guardian. To it I have bent grand sorcerous intent, mastery of blade and bulwark. With fair Tisiphone safe in pursuit of adventure, and sweet Lucy tracking ascension e'er faster by the day, I find my good self in need of project. We are, all of us, placing eggs in baskets woven from dream and ambition. I ask thee, dear townsfolk, let me be thy blade in pursuit of thy dreams. I shall aid those whose tasks be noble, or dearly held, or merely desperate for aid. No taste have I for the filthier side of work mercenary, no innocent blood hath desecrated my blades in my immortality, nor shall it begin thusly here.

So, townsfolk, I ask thee guide me pon the coming months. In what grand tasks dost thou require martial aid? Speak, and I shall answer.
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