The Crumbling Queendom of Wraithwall

Imagine a world where everyone knows that the things one’s fears walk at night. Vampires, werewolves, and revenants litter the landscape after dark, plaguing humanity. Children go missing as parents cannot protect their families and if one is out at night they cling to even the smallest light source. The terrors have been never-ending after the Fall of the Father, brought about by his vengeful children.

Superstition and anxiety are rampant, as one never knows who (or what) walks among the people. Most everyone in the former Queendom of Wraithwall is mindful of their surroundings as they carry out their daily village lives. They quickly fulfill their tasks before seeking the relative safety of their homes at dusk. Almost no one risks being out when the moon sets and the monsters rise. Travel and communication are limited, as only the very foolhardy move about after dark. Rurality is the norm, though there is some city life and trade between places. Believers, those who have sold themselves into the service of the Sibling gods for the advantage of magic, have more control of their lives and are often more capable of navigating the horror-ridden lands.

People from Wraithwall value community and family, even though there are risks to fully trusting others in such a fraught land. They often turn to superstitious practices to assist in keeping out the creatures of the night, even when such methods may or may not be truly helpful. One would not attempt to go out after dark without the ensured protection of a Believer or a witch, unless they were very brave or very foolhardy. Those from Wraithwall understand that nothing is guaranteed, and that strangers often bring more danger with them than safety. Sometimes a Believer is there to help, but sometimes they are seeking to fulfill some demented task for their master.

The Crumbling Queendom is a horror-inspired setting, where life and society are aware of many risks. More generally it is a place where a source of protection has been defeated, leaving humanity to pick up the pieces. People find comfort in their family and loved ones, as well as in the Corruptions of the Father, a Cosmic Power drawing its energies from the gods. Even when times are dark the people still occasionally remember better times and a loving Father. Therefore, the average person deeply cherishes the simple things in life – laughing with friends, a beautiful song, a kiss from a pretty girl. Despite, and perhaps even because of, the horrors surrounding them the people of Wraithwall cling to the moment and small happiness that comes with it.

Types of Characters

Characters from this world are humans, often coming from a small village or one of the very few larger cities in Wraithwall. There are many possibilities for character alignment and players can choose to be a Believer sworn to the Siblings, or a person who wishes to be completely separate from the conflict. Character archetypes run the gambit, from average joe, Believer, aspiring monster hunter, petty noble, to thrill-seeking explorer.

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This world currently has a medium population of player characters.