Featured Characters

Featured Characters

Meet some of the denizens of Beacon, the growing PC town in the Garden! Check out a short bio from some of the current characters in our game below. 

Lavinia Strigoi, Silver Twilight Coven, Wraithwall

Once a mysterious member of the Travelers, caravaners of the wretched landscape of Wraithwall, Lavinia now resides in Beacon, principal new town of the Crossroads. Lavinia quickly established herself as an elegant beauty with a quick tongue, the latter of great value in a place so stricken with political and diplomatic ills.

Shortly after arrival she created her own Coven, aspiring to new heights in the practicing of dark magics.  Of course, such machinations did not go unnoticed, and rival covens never like up and comers.

Although there is often a cheery edge to the Garden, Lavinia is no stranger to the darkness that lurks. She often walks the tightrope of Depravity to protect the things she holds dear – her sister Malia and the Silver Twilight Coven she founded in her new home. Although her connection to those she loves keep her grounded, the bonds to these people are ever tested. Indeed, it may yet be the darkness within that is the hardest to control.

Eugene Tyler, Lead Artifact Researcher, Sekret, Terranfall

Eugene Tyler was a promising student of TAC protocols and old-world technology in Sekret until a run-in with an anti-Paradox propagandist landed him in rehabilitation.  As part of his recovery he was tasked with using his skills in the Wilds on away team missions salvaging old-world and allegedly Alien tech. One of these devices, an oval archway with an unstable energy module, became Eugene’s new pet project to unravel and replicate.

The archway Eugene suspected was some sort of Alien cross-dimensional doorway shorted during Eugene’s attempts to recouple some wires, thrusting him into the Garden. In this new place, his understanding of technological artifacts helped unlock the Lighthouse in what is now Beacon, and his TAC protocols are being used to keep his new colleagues alive.

Eugene feels his home world calling for him to come back, but the technology of the Garden needs a guiding hand. Eugene will investigate this world’s technological potential, its lost artifacts, and even how to use this technology to benefit his new comrades until a way back can be found…or created.

Blushing Swan, Fire-Aspected Diplomat, Golden Lotus Province

Ever since her Severing and subsequent immolation of her tea house, Blushing Swan has travelled with a small and diverse group of Unbound. As is the way of such a turbulent life, they inevitably found themselves in the Garden, and outside the whims of the Golden Manifest.

Her companions established themselves in their own pursuits, and Blushing Swan was no exception. As an aspiring business woman and courtesan she quickly embroiled herself in the politics of her new home. Although some might describe her as spoiled, Blushing Swan brings a luxury to Beacon that is all her own – a fashionable tea house, open to all who promise not to burn it down.

Yet some threats cannot be handled with tea alone, and would require every effort from the fiery spirit of a diplomat. Luckily, Blushing Swan would rise to any challenge, whether it be Weaver chaos or conflict with the Bound.

Janet Wright, Nitrojanet!, Mogodashu, Terranfall

Trade winds swept Janet off to the Garden before she could even pack a bag. Compared to her home city of Mogodashu the Garden seemed simultaneously a dream and a nightmare. Suddenly she found herself surrounded by danger and drama, yet here in the Garden she found a new sense of purpose, and new friendships.

No longer living as a simple carpenter with a hydroponic garden, Janet strapped on her work apron and  turned her technical skills to maintaining and updating the armor of her new friends. Since coming to the Garden Janet proved that she was not unwilling to get her hands dirty, whether it be with her work tools or on the front lines of a skirmish.

In Mogodashu they teach people that the ocean is a dangerous place if you don’t trust your crew, but with a crew you trust the ocean represents endless opportunities. Janet brings the spirit of her home with her, sailing her way with her newfound friends to see every new opportunity that awaits her in the Garden.