Radical flashbang unleashed + tenacity from heavy armor

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Tommy Kauffman
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Radical flashbang unleashed + tenacity from heavy armor

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Reading these rules separately it looks like after unleashing radical flashbang your arms are injured.

Can you spend prowess to ignore this injury and unleash again?

The healing is still 5 minutes, but tenacity allows you to use limbs that need to be healed.

Same question with the armor quality that does tenacity.
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Tanner Rives
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Re: Radical flashbang unleashed + tenacity from heavy armor

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Tenacity: A character with Tenacity may ignore the harmful effects of a limb wound by spending one prowess. Note that the limb is still wounded, however, and another wound to an already wounded limb will still render the character Critical. Alternatively, they may spend a point of Prowess to reset their bleedout count.
Once the user throws the last packet or the spell ends for any other reason the user’s arm is wounded,
Strictly speaking, having one or both arms wounded does not prevent you from Unleashing Radical Flashbang. If you apply the post-Unleash arm wound to an already wounded limb, however, you will go Critical from a second wound to that wounded limb.

With Tenacity, you are only ignoring the debilitating effects of the limb wound (ie, you can still fight with it). The limb is still wounded. If you had two wounded limbs and ignored them both with Tenacity, Unleashing Radical Flashbang would land you Critical at the end, since you'd have to apply an automatic wound to one of them.

It is a bit unclear at the moment whether or not you can ignore a limb with with Tenacity that you got from Unleashing Radical Flashbang, but we will add that clarification in the winter update.
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