A Kaiser Translation Guide

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Anna S
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A Kaiser Translation Guide

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I'm feeling like most of my posts are being read with very uncharitable eyes and being reacted to strongly and with context that I don't know and didn't intend.

Kaiser speaks kind of directly. If Kaiser's got an arm wound she's not going to waste time adding unnecessary words to asking for someone to fix it, she's probably just going to say "hey can you fix this?" to someone she knows can do it quickly like Mehit-Ta or Arorah because she knows they have the spell to do it quickly. Kaiser uses curse words and direct speech because that's how MCP characters have all spoke and it's a way of typing in character without typing accents and such.

My post asking for notes was not intended to be controversial or mean, for real.

I had a burst of things I wanted to post about and didn't expect immediate replies and dropping of all other aspects of life for them to get attended to. I'm only just now getting around to wanting to copy mine myself and I'm probably just gonna take a picture of them and clarify later if my notes are unclear.

Most of what I was asking for is to know what topics people did investigate so it could be known what we know about. A short list of what topics different people have notes on is all I was asking, then if I or anyone was else was curious they could be sent in a picture or typed or whatever when the person who had the info had time.

I was not trying to call out any characters, just going to the source on things I thought those characters might have been involved in. I wouldn't ask Vic if I was curious about Golden Lotus stuff, and I wouldn't ask Celeste about making armor because those characters aren't involved in those things to my knowledge so I should ask people who are.

Asking the academics about academic things seemed like a good way to get information since I know when I was hurt I jumped in on a lot of investigation just because I had temporary academics 5 that event, so I that experience was pretty universal so there was a lot of info that was unknown.

Another reason I asked is I know a lot of you and have for a long time. I've gotten over some shyness and feel comfortable for the most part asking a lot of you about what you may or may not know. Newer players (of which we have a lot!) to our group and to LARP in general may not feel comfortable asking people for information about the plots and I felt like having what we know written down/pictured would help them get involved and possibly provide the group as a whole with new perspectives on things and maybe even solve some mysteries.

I wasn't really intending to throw shade or call out players or make anyone feel guilty or anything else negative. I really only wanted to highlight a cool thing I saw being done and make those cool thing people feel cooler for doing their thing. I've felt a little alone as a person the past few days over this and spent time making this post and almost not posting it, but community and communication goes both ways.
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Abby Peterson
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Re: A Kaiser Translation Guide

Post by Abby Peterson »

Anna, we're completely good and thank you for coming to speak to me privately about your concerns as well.

This works really well, because you're right that there are some folks that don't know us as people as well as others.

I guess I'll put the same disclaimer on Gloria. She's frequently a bitch and I know it. I enjoy playing her as such because it's a pressure release from a lot of times I need to be pleasant in my job and life when I'd rather not be.

But if there's any point where there's a concern about her behavior or attitude that hurts a player, please bring it to me OOC, since these are things that I can adjust as a player in the way I play her.

And yes - communication. All of it. Please and thank you.
Sarah Crawford
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Re: A Kaiser Translation Guide

Post by Sarah Crawford »

I can actually agree that someone being direct is actually going to a healer and saying "Hey can you fix this?".

Your analogy actually works very well for me to try and cut through what I am trying to say.

Going up to that healer, pointing at your arm and telling them, "Hey, those bandages don't do any one any good in your bag." comes off very differently and to me, at least, is actually not direct.

Or if that healer said, "dude, I'm healing someone else atm, gimme a minute" and got poked again, they might be irritated. (Maybe even more so if there had just been an announcement over the intercom that people were hoarding bandages even though bandages were being loaded into the t-shirt cannon...that might be too far, but I'm keeping it for the visual)

My baseline on the matter is, in what is now four games with investigations there has not been this level of comprehensive, on the spot 'we are doing it live' information gathering and sharing and then instead of "This is awesome! Could we also compile it to make it even better?" it became "that's cool and all but it's not enough." Like the parent that asks why the B+ isn't an A yet. And that felt real bad, ...as is obvious, and even made my actual "this will be a fun surprise" plans to turn our notes into a big project feel like poop for not already having it done.
Spooky 'Mantha
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