Republic Info from Margurite

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Republic Info from Margurite

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I took these notes kind of quickly, so forgive the shortness of the information, but I felt it important to write down. Note this all comes from Margurite who is trustworthy in my opinion but also this isn't like, a Research or Investigation summary, so you can't call it 100% fact, even if it probably is.

Ebonheart is now General Ebonheart, in charge of all of the Republic forces.

He was formerly Commander of Spectre (the blue ones)

He'll be touring the area soon. Not like a military tour, a literal trip around to see and talk to locals, see what's been happening, etc.

He wants to appoint a Clockwerkin to his old position as commander of Spectre.

He would be willing to bargain with Scorch to get him to take the job.

He originally wanted to handle the Battery City problems by flattening the city to nothing, so good on Gideon for telling him to, you know, not fucking do that.
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