The Wedding and the Mad King

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The Wedding and the Mad King

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Greetings good Gentles,

'Tis with disappointment, but determination that I pen this note.
It has come to my attention through my research that the means to dispatching the Mad King currently lay out of reach as of yet. Certainly 'tis not something that can be ascertained before the blessed event of the wedding. However, there is a precaution that can be accomplished for the wedding itself.
While the Mad King is still in the throes of waking, he will not be in full use and capability of his power. With the correct components we will be able to set a magical field of protection around the castle. Doing so shall keep the Mad King from instantly incapacitating our forces.
There are four proper items that will need to be gathered to be used as anchors. I know not what they are, but they will be in the surrounding area. We must make haste. Time is of the essence.
Do not misunderstand, there WILL still be a battle, but with this protection our forces will be able to stand against him, though the fight will be extremely difficult.

In faith, Lady Ember
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