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Game Announcement

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LARP Grinch here again...

Given that recent data points to increased rates of infection (including breakthrough transmission) among even the vaccinated population we have little choice but to cancel our January event. We are currently living through the worst Covid-19 surge since the pandemic began. As many of you know, increased numbers of infection lead to virus mutation as well as an increased risk of infection to those that are immune-compromised or elderly. Additional to this information, several of our Staff members currently have Covid-19 or have been exposed to those with symptoms. Given the situation at FDR -- a small, closed-in tavern as the only warm area during an event that is likely to be cold -- we do not feel comfortable holding our event under these circumstances.

It is our primary responsibility to do everything within our power to take reasonable actions to keep our Players safe and we hope that everyone understands and will not fault us for erring on the side of caution and science.

We hope that by our next event cases will have decreased enough to consider running. It is also possible that advances in vaccine technology will help to make it so that we can be better protected. We have no intention of keeping out of the game forever, of course. Our Staff misses running content for all of you and cannot wait to get things moving once more. However, as it stands, we cannot justify running a fifty-person game at this point in time.

Love you all,
GoDs Staff

PS - We have updated our Covid-19 policy for 2022. You can see it below. ... VoVEQ/edit#
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