Eeyoo! The Beat Didn't Drop!

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Eeyoo! The Beat Didn't Drop!

Post by kenneth_wright »

So I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
I attempted to run a distraction on the Corps to keep them from messing with the Weary Wanderers. Problem is, it's hard to keep people distracted when you are running a cold con. That being said, I got a job in their legal department and started seeding rumors that seemed to be on everyone's lips.
Then, nothing.
No other shoe drops.
No further discussion.
In fact, the fact that there IS no ongoing discussions, not even a whisper, is disturbing.
Who the actual fuck are these people? I haven't seen a rumor die this fast since Louis Loose-Lips was found upside-down in the alleyway.
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Re: Eeyoo! The Beat Didn't Drop!

Post by Bailey-Jordan »

Are you asking who the Weary Wanderers are or the corporations?
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