Artifact research

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Artifact research

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I have begun research on making a transcendent creation, an artifact designed to break curses.

My research indicates that "curse breaking" is too broad a goal, because there are too many types of curses for this to cover. Because of this, I

This is to be designed first and foremost as an anti corruption/curses tool/weapon. It will be designed to help me route out and deal with corruptions and curses.

Primary: this is anti Wraithwall curse/corruption focused. (Sibling Marks, people forced into becoming werewolves, and such)

Secondarily: aid in the curing or purging of other types of curses (scourge mist, chaos tayet re stuff, so on.)

My research also indicates that the scourge mist is also a curse.

This artifact will require rare metals and I suspect "something rare and unusual" will be needed to complete this. I will require the services of an adventurer to find these rare materials.

This device will take the form of a long piece of worked metal with sharp edges and will have runes covering it. In many ways, it will look like a sword.

It is unclear what all abilities I will be able to add to this artifact, only time will tell with my research.

(Offensive and defensive mechanics possible)

Some artifacts have had the ability to be used by any skilled artificer. To accomplish my goals for an anti corruption artifact, and refusing to ask for the blessings and boons from the gods, I will need to have this artifact keyed to only myself for it to work.

With my death, this artifact will cease to function.

Will it be possible to power this artifact with cosmic power charges?

Yes, but not all cosmic powers are well suited to this. Specifically, tayet re is best suited to this.
I am loathe to ask any gods for their aid or blessing, though this would be a uniquely good fit.

Could others funnel charges in? Maybe.
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