A strange dream

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Herschel Grier
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A strange dream

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Hello my friends,

I hope you all are doing well or well enough. Recently I had a dream that has brought about a troubling feeling that I can't seem to shake. In this dream I saw a hole in reality, Tomas, a Believer screaming for his sister, a Magi City Prime man with a mechanical eye, and at the center an army of black marching to destroy us. As you can tell these are definitely not just random images my mind came up with to frighten me but seems like a warning for things happening very soon. If anyone has any idea what any of these could mean please shed some light on this very dark vision I had.
-Peaceful Hurricane
David Haddad
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Re: A strange dream

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Thank you for sharing your vision with us. I have heard tell that something is happening soon, and we should make preparations to ensure our protection. I would appreciate it immensely if we could discuss your dreams at length the next time that we meet, if it would be amenable to you.

May the light of the Sacred Ennead be upon you, and keep you safe in your journeys

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Dylan Coffey
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Re: A strange dream

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I took out some Believer scum who were trying to sacrifice a woman to summon "something." I'd bet it's related, too.

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