A Message from Kaiser

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A Message from Kaiser

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This message was left on my office table and found Saturday morning.
Gloria, cc Beacon,
Because I know some of you are going to be babies about it and I didn't want to make a big feelings things out of it, but I'm staying in Falconspire Hollow at the Barque of the Resolute, aka Stormy's House aka the Weary Wanderers base of operation, seeing as I'm their general now. (Side note I'm gonna try and convince them to use the title Dominus instead of General but I think it might be a hard sell.)

If you all need me, try not to, because this is kind of a full time job. You can come see me if you have business or write to me or something, it's not like I've gone to another plane of reality, I'm literally just up the road in the place I've basically been living in for the past year and change anyways, just with way sweeter digs and perks. People made too much of a feelings thing out of Duo going off to research (side note he's in my basement, willingly and at my invitation, doing his research) and I didn't want you fuckers ambushing me with like, hugs and crying and being all pouty and shit.

If any of you start any shit in Falconspire Hollow or involving the Weary Wanderers and I find out about it, which I will find out about it, you are gonna wish I did psychology instead of what I would be doing to you. I've worked too long on keeping Falconspire Hollow stable and secure to let any one of you mess it up form me, okay? Good.

Kaiser Incarnadine
Gloria Callaghan
PI for Hire
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