Operation Dawn Interdiction

Setting Information

At this one-shot event attendees will play as soldiers of the Republic of Anduine sent on a dangerous mission to the world of MAR-0N-372 to fight back the hordes of Metacoleopterids, insect-like creatures who threaten to pour into the Garden.  

X00 years in the future, the Republic of Anduine has begun to explore other worlds. One such world contains a threat so deadly that the Republic left, thinking never to return….until the monsters followed them home. Now the soldiers of Operation: Dawn Interdiction have to go back to MAR-0N-372 and figure out a way to contain the Metacoleopterids before the Garden is irredeemably infested…

This is a special one-shot event brought to you by the staff of Garden of Destinies. We will be using most of the same game system as Garden of Destinies, but with a few rules changes as detailed in the documents below.  Melee combat will be extremely rare and entirely unavailable to Player Characters; instead, it will take place almost entirely with Nerf Rival Blasters.  Soldiers of the Republic have seven brand new Combat Skills to use against the Metacoleopterid threat.

For additional information on the game lore, check out the following:

Event Details

Special Event Rules

This event uses special combat skills not found in the main campaign. Check them out here:

Player Forms