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April 19-21, 2019

Come join us at Harrison Bay State Park (located in Tennessee) Group Lodge for our third event of 2019!

Opening Ceremonies will be at 9:30 pm and game will start at 10 PM.

If you are a new player or new full-time NPC, please check out the New Player Help section of the Player Corner page.

Sign-Up Forms (these help us plan before game, but we do On-Site Character Creation as well):

  • If you plan to attend (either as a player character or a non-player character) please fill out this Attendance form (coming soon).
  • The Cabin Sign-Up (coming soon)
  • Monster Shift Sign-Up (coming soon)

Site Details:

Harrison Bay State Park Group Lodge has individual, open-air cabins for sleeping areas. For more information on Harrison Bay State Park visit the Tennessee State Parks Website.

In order to get to the Group Camp continue on the road, ignoring the big stone sign reading ‘Harrison Bay State Park’ and turn left at your first opportunity.

Game Fees:

The event is $55 (meals included) for returning players and FREE for new larpers and Full-time NPCs!

We also have a myriad of payment options, including a subscription and season pass.

Please navigate here to pay and for further details on Payment Methods.