Next Event

June 19, 2021 (in-person)

Please be sure to review our Covid-19 Event Policy. Until further notice, all attendees must be fully-vaccinated.

Come join us at Red Top Mountain State Park (Group Shelter 1) for our next event! This event is part of a three-part story that takes place before the events in the regular GoDs campaign.

All PCs will be either from Battery City or the Republic of Anduine and will take part in the historical tale of Battery City.

Opening Ceremonies will be at 11 AM and the game will conclude at 7 PM. This event is $20 for all players.

If you are a new player or new full-time NPC, please check out the New Player Help section of the Player Corner page.

For this event is it especially important that you review our Special Event Character Creation Guide. Once you have done so please fill out the Attendance form linked below. If you need assistance making your character we encourage you to attend.

Sign-Up Forms (these help us plan before game, but we do On-Site Character Creation as well):

  • If you plan to attend (either as a player character or a non-player character) please fill out this Attendance form.
  • Monster Shift Sign-Up (not applicable)
  • Cabin Sign-Up (not applicable)

Acknowledgement of Juneteenth

GoDs Staff would like to acknowledge that our June event date coincides with Juneteenth. Juneteenth is an annual holiday celebrated on June 19th. This is the date that Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1865 to share the news that the Civil War was over and that slavery had been ended. In light of the ongoing violence against communities of color around the world, we encourage players to never forget that Black Lives Matter and to educate themselves on important topics even when they are left out of history books.

*** Thanks so much to Mytrice Allen for reviewing this statement! ***

Site Details:

Group Shelter 1 at Red Top Mountain State Park in an enclosed shelter which has air conditioning/heat and a propane fireplace. There are indoor tables and folding chairs for seating. The shelter has an outdoor grill located on the back deck which overlooks Lake Allatoona. There are bathrooms with toilets and sinks in the shelter.

This shelter is ADA accessible, but some outdoor areas may have uneven ground that could be difficult to use if you have physical disabilities requiring the use of a cane or wheelchair. Once Staff has visited the site, we will take pictures and provide more details. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email.

For more information (including pictures) on the Group Shelter 1 at Red Top Mountain State Park visit their website on the GA Parks Website

Game Fees:

The event is $20 (meals included) for returning players and FREE for new larpers and Full-time NPCs!

We also have a myriad of payment options, including a subscription and season pass.

Please navigate here to pay and for further details on Payment Methods.

If you need assistance paying for game, please see our Financial Hardship and Fund Policy