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April 5-7, 2024

Please be sure to review our Covid-19 Event Policy. Until further notice, all attendees must be fully-vaccinated.

Come join us at the Group Camp at Harrison Bay State Park in Tennessee for our next event!

Opening Ceremonies will be Friday at 9 pm and game will run through Sunday at 12 pm. This event will be $65, meals included. It is FREE for new Players. 

If you are a new player or new full-time NPC, please check out the New Player Help section of the Player Corner page. We are happy to help in making your character! Feel free to contact us via our Discord or send an email to

Sign-Up Forms (these help us plan before game, but we do On-Site Character Creation as well):

  • If you plan to attend (either as a player character or a non-player character) please fill out this Attendance form
  • Monster Shift Sign-Up (coming soon)
  • Cabin Sign-Up (coming soon)

Directions to Site:

Driving directions are as follows: go past the Harrison Bay State Park sign (do not drive into the park, continue along the road as it curves right), pass the baseball field and make the first left. This is the Group Camp.

For your convenience you may also use this Google maps pin. 

Site Details:

The Group Camp at Harrison Bay State Park has 24 rustic, open-air cabins with three sets of bunk beds in each, sleeping six people per cabin. The camp has a Tavern with a full kitchen and walk-in refrigerator. There are bathrooms with multiple stalls as well as individual shower areas. Here is a detailed map of the site.

The Tavern and Cabins are ADA accessible, but some outdoor areas may have uneven ground that could be difficult to use if you have physical disabilities requiring the use of a cane or wheelchair. Beds in the regular cabins are approximately 2 feet off the ground and can be moved to accommodate air mattresses or additional mattresses. Anyone with mobility concerns has priority for bottom bunks, and there are enough cabins that availability should not be an issue.

Each cabin also has a power outlet located on the ceiling. It is reachable by using a top bunk and we recommend bringing a small extension cord or power strip.

There are are also two sleeping areas in the back of the Tavern area. These beds range from 2-3 feet off the ground and are next to the Tavern bathroom. These sleeping areas are reserved for those with medical concerns. If you would like to make use of these spaces please email us directly.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email.

For more information (including pictures) on the Group Camp at Harrison Bay State Park visit their website on the Tennessee Parks Website

Game Fees:

This event is $65 (meals included). You may also send payment to via Paypal. 

Please navigate here to pay and for further details on Payment Methods.

If you need assistance paying for game, please see our Financial Hardship and Fund Policy

Archived January Special Event Details:

There are multiple sources of information on our January event. These are: