Next Event

December 10-11, 2021 (in-person)

Please be sure to review our Covid-19 Event Policy. Until further notice, all attendees must be fully-vaccinated.

Come join us at Rockhill Castle in Barnesville, Georgia for our next event!

Details for specific Opening and Closing Ceremonies times are TBD. This event will be $35, meals included.

If you are a new player or new full-time NPC, please check out the New Player Help section of the Player Corner page. We are happy to help in making your character! Feel free to contact us via our Discord or send an email to

Sign-Up Forms (these help us plan before game, but we do On-Site Character Creation as well):

  • If you plan to attend (either as a player character or a non-player character) please fill out this Attendance form.
  • Monster Shift Sign-Up (coming soon) 
  • Cabin Sign-Up (n/a for December) 

Directions to Site:

The site address is 653 Country Kitchens Rd.

Additional information is TBD.

Site Details:

Rockhill Castle in Barnesville, Georgia is a primitive site (aka no overnight sleeping accommodations). This means that any persons that wish to sleep on site will need to bring camping equipment.

Many people are staying locally in hotels or other off-site locations. If you wish to coordinate with others please reach out via our Facebook or Discord.

There are on-site bathrooms as well as a small kitchen. However, small in the kitchen is extremely limited so please contact us if you need to store anything there and we will work with you.

There is a covered shelter with picnic table-style seating.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email.

Game Fees:

This event is $35 (meals included). The pay link will be updated soon. If you wish to pay early you may send payment to via Paypal.

Please navigate here to pay and for further details on Payment Methods.

If you need assistance paying for game, please see our Financial Hardship and Fund Policy